Friday, November 30, 2007

Going Home!

We are going home tonight! We are a little delayed, it was supposed to be this morning. Due to the issues last night, the doctors want some more time for observation and hydration until 7:30 tonight. But we are still going home!

Tyler is already feeling much better, and his appetite is returning. His blood counts are good and his methotrexate levels are getting back to normal.

Tyler's first request was to go to Mongolian BBQ. That will not be able to happen (he is not able to be around crowds), but will be sleeping in his own bed tonight, and watching the West Virginia game and the Oklahoma game with his brothers tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Tyler, you don't know me but I go to Vista. I'm glad you get to go home! What a blessing that will be. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed and being in your own room. Unfortunately, you have to be in the hospital sometimes. The Columbus area is blessed to have a hopital like Children's...sorry, Nationwide Children's Hospital. Enjoy your time at home. You're in my thoughts and prayers. God loves you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tyler,
So glad you are going home. Rest and enjoy. We will continue to pray for the day you come home cancer-free. Everyone has been sending you such great sports jokes.I found one you might like.
What do you call 300 white guys following one black guy?
The PGA tour!

Love you all,
Debbie, Kenny,Branden and Claudia

Anonymous said...

Tyler way to go. Keep working on getting stronger.
AJ and Coach Tressel are right you are one tough dude. Get better and cheer on those OKLAHOMA Sooners onto victory. Those Buckeyes might just make it the title game yet. Let me know if you need some cheerleaders to stop by, just kidding, I'm too old to even know any.
Take Care
"Old man" Bob McFarland
6440 GSL

Anonymous said...

Great news! So glad to hear you are going home. We hope to see you soon- Sean and Ben are would like to visit.

Tell you Mom- any dog will do!

Carol Sward