Thursday, November 22, 2007

Good News!

We finally received some good news!

1. One of the biggest areas of concern, Tyler's spinal fluid, is completely clear of cancer. Had this not been the case, it would have created a far more complicated battle in eradicating the cancer. This is the first good news since we arrived here at Children's last Wednesday.

2. There is some initial indication that the largest of the tumors is already beginning to shrink. This will not be confirmed until Friday when we have another cat scan, but it sounds very promising.

3. The hospitals have tutors to help the kids keep up with their school work. However they have no one for Spanish, so they said Tyler would have to take an incomplete for Spanish 3. Today Tyler's Spanish teacher from Jerome High School showed up and said she would make sure he gets through Spanish and misses nothing.

4. About 16 of Tyler's friend, along with Tyler's brothers, all showed up this afternoon with shaved heads in support of Tyler. They then shaved Tyler's head. They said there was no reason the let the Chemo get the satisfaction of taking his hair. They would take it before the Chemo got a chance, and turn it into a party! We ordered pizza's and has a great time.

5. AND THE MOST EXCITING....Tyler is strong enough to come home for a couple of hours for Thanksgiving Day dinner. He is very excited about coming home. We are all excited. We had figured out how we could all be together for a family dinner in the hospital, but it was bothering Tyler. It was no problem, but he worried he was "ruining" every ones Thanksgiving. Now we will all be together at home. However we will still have a much grander "Thanksgiving Day" on that day Tyler is home AND cancer free.

We really needed some good news in this battle. Tyler looks and feels better than he has since we got here. We know we still have a big fight ahead, but I feel we have finally gotten some momentum. We thank God for this and thank all of you for your prayers and support.

Tyler has only expressed three concerns through all of this.
1. Would he have to repeat 10th grade?
2. Would he ruin Thanksgiving?
3. Would he lose his hair?

Today 1 and 2 were fixed, and 3 does not matter because everyone lost their hair. More importantly, we are making our first headway in defeating the cancer. Thanks to God, this was a wonderful day.


Northern's said...

What wonderful news! You are loved and you are in our prayers.

Andrew and Denise

Rusin said...

It's so awesome to see how "little" prayers are answered. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day at home, eat as much as you possibly can, and torment your brothers and give Oreo a big (little) hug.
Mrs. R

Garvers said...

Tyler (& family),

Happy Thanksgiving! Tyler - I think you made Thanksgiving even better this year instead of ruining it like you were worried - you reminded us all of how thankful we are to have you in our lives!

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Garvers

Anonymous said...

Good morning,Tyler and all-Zak is here helping me get a message to you.I have tried 3 times and never made it, so I got a computer expert to help me. Anyway , my thoughts and prayers are with you all the time and I know you will win. I hope to see you soon.I think all you Alfriend boys are still very handsome, even with a bald head. Just like I was always beautiful when I was
bald.Love,Grandma Smith.

Zak S. said...

Hey tyler, it's me Zak, ya know ur long lost cousin. JK...Lol, well hope you feel better, keep rootin' for Ohio St.
Can't believe Michigan lost to Applachian St.O well, My thoughts are with you and We (G-ma, Brad, Zak) all hope you that the chemo therapy will get you feelin' better.

Get well soon,

Zak S.

Uncle Brad said...

Hey Tyler, we're at Grandmas House now, with Zak, looking at your blog page, technology is cool!!

Zak and I are also having a contest who can enter the coolest looking text!

We hear that you had a great turkey day and were able to get out and about for a bit, that's great!

Keep your chin up, you'll get through this just fine. Your're in our thoughts and prayers, and it looks like you have a massive support network of freinds and family that are behind you!!

Hopefully Zak and I will be able to get down to see everyone in the near future, but until then, beat your brothers up for us as much as possible!!

Hope to see you soon,

Love your Uncle Brad (the bald one) :)