Friday, November 23, 2007

Have You Hugged Your Child Today?

"Have You Hugged Your Child Today?". Sorry to sound like a bumper sticker, but that is how I feel. 15 years ago, when Tyler was only a couple of hours old, he stopped breathing. He was immediately sent to intensive care with all kinds of tubes hooked up to him. Kathy and I took turns around the clock just holding him, all tangled in the wires and tubes. I remember believing that if I just held him and never let go, everything would be okay. Three days later we all came home with our healthy new son. For 15 years and 8 months he has been in perfect health, active in sports and playing with his brothers and friends. This past quarter he received his best report card ever. Now, I lay at night on the sofa beside his bed and a wish i could just pick up his 6' frame and hold him tight until everything is okay.


The best hugger on earth is my wife Kathy. Because of her, we have always hugged a lot, including big family hugs. Nothing beats family love. The boys have always thought I was weird for the punishments we gave when they were not getting along. The goal of the punishments was to get everyone laughing together. I did things like tie their legs together and make them do a three legged race around the block until they made up, or make them stand facing each other with noses touching repeating "I love you Bro!" until they smiled and made up. Once, when Brandon and Tyler had been fighting all day, we sent them to their room and they were not allowed out until they wrote a skit, a song, and drew a picture... all all illustrating the value of brotherly love. They then had to perform it all in front of the rest of the family. Their other two brothers got to vote on whether is was good enough to let then out of their rooms. It was a hysterical performance.
We have always hugged, but I have noticed we hug tighter and longer now. We have always said I love you a lot, but I noticed we do it more often. Never pass up the opportunity to hug your child and tell them you love them. If your kids think you are weird for doing so, get over it. Our kids thinking we are weird is in the job description.

Sorry if this sounds too sappy. It's been a long day.

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Mimi said...

this is a wonderful post... reminding all of us that family love is closest to God's love of all the kinds of love... I will certainly keep Tyler and your entire family in my prayers as you walk through this valley together...