Sunday, November 25, 2007

I.V. Surfing

Hospitals can be quiet places. As you can imagine with four sons, our home is a place of none stop activity of competition, sports, and adventures. It is very rarely quiet. Most of the time there are several other kids in our home. A friend who visited recently referred to our home as a day spa for kids. I am amazed at how well Kathy keeps up with all the boys and their activities and adventures. She is an awesome mother. Once, when she was getting overwhelmed by the levels of testosterone, the boys went out and bout her a Barbie doll (it was an NBA Pistons Barbie).

Even in the hospital kids need to be kids and boys need to be boys. Several of the kids here go I.V. surfing. They put put both feet on their I.V. stand and ride it like a skate board. On the couple of days Tyler has felt good, he has been practicing. The smaller kids can move very fast. It take a lot more coordination for Tyler with his 6' frame and size 14 feet.

I'm not sure this is encouraged by the doctors (or the hospital lawyers), so try not to mention it to anyone.

Tyler working on his I.V. surfing skills


Anonymous said...

hah IV surfing sounds fun, maybe you should get one of those waveboards from school and ride it around the hospital


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A. Michigan, that is the last place you would look for a football player

cathy lane said...

good morning Kyle and Kathy and tyler! hope this is a good morning and we are thinking of you every day! Can you hear the rain through your windows? Stacy and I actually go to sleep every night to a sound machine turned on to the "rain" section - if you want one, let us know! when it actually does rain, we don't even realize it! if we visit, I'd like to sign up for an IV to try to ride it down the hall, too.
God is so good that he gave us laughter!
God bless you all today -
love and hugs,

JD said...

Hey, Tyler!

Hope all is going as well as it can for you, today!

Here's a little food for to speak...

Q: What do you call a vegetarian with diarrhea?

A: A salad shooter

You're in our thoughts and prayers!

JD & Co.