Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jason Taylor - Miami Dolphins

Tyler woke up today about 12:30 to a great surprise. Tyler received a get well card, and personally autographed Miami Dolphins team jersey and team hat, from 5 time pro bowler defensive end Jason Taylor.

Due to the delays in the Pittsburg game Monday night, Jason Taylor got home in the very wee hours of the night. Still, he took the time to drive into his office Tuesday morning to sign the jersey and get it out by FedEx Tuesday morning. Jason Taylor heard about Tyler through Bob Schultz, a family friend and good friends with my parents.

Now that has made his day!


Mary Kate said...

Tyler!! Having been a Dolphins fan my entire life - I am super jealous. Someday you HAVE to show me this jersey. Praying for you!
~Mary Kate Castor (Vista)

Anonymous said...

I lived down the street from you on Kate Brown and went to school with Brandon. I heard about Tyler's story from a facebook group that Brandon invited me to. I just wanted to say that it sounds like Tyler is an amazingly strong and brave person and I'll be thinking of him and your family and hoping that he makes a full recovery. Get well soon!

Mary Lynn and the Gloeckle's

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler.....I know it has been a couple of rough days, but we are praying and trusting that you will be heading home tomorrow for some extended r and r and some of your mom's good cooking. I know she is ready to make you anything that you desire.
Mrs. R

Silvia Myers said...


I work for Keller Williams in Westerville with Jennifer Berg. I check Tyler's progress everyday, sometimes twice a day! I believe prayer can do amazing things...You and your wife and children are a true example of strength! Tyler, although I do not know you I admire your courage and Faith through this Journey...With God's amazing love and healing powers you will come out a winner! God bless and protect you!

Silvia Myers

Anonymous said...

We know your family from the days when my son Kevin and your brother Travis were in school together at Bailey and Grizzell. I think the last time we had a chance to visit with your parents was at a holidy party a couple of years ago. Your dad shared some pretty great stories with us about the adventures you've all had together. I am sure you know how incredibly blessed you are to have such wonderful parents and brothers! We heard about your illness yesterday and today we read your story on the blog. You are one incredible guy! Keep up the fight and we'll keep up the prayers!!
Kim, Ted, Ted and Kevin Daroski