Friday, November 30, 2007

Jim Tressel!

Another addition to a great day. A package just arrived special delivery through our neighbors,the Russells. It was from Jim Tressel. A buckeye hat autographed, "Tyler, the Buckeyes are cheering for you! - Jim Tressel"

And -- Tyler is not our only son. Travis will be on wall to wall sports tonight, representing Jerome High School. 11:30 Saturday night (tomorrow), channel 10!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Travis!
Sorry I won't see ya on the tube..
Kenny, Debbie Branden and Claudia

Mary Anne Noland said...

Great news about going home. Bet the BBQ place would provide 'take-out'. Those of us in the East (the ACC) will be rooting for BC to whoop up on VPI!
Aunt Mary Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi,Tyler-Iam sure this is a big day for you--you have been so brave and have so many friends that are praying for you and you will fight the good fight and win.
Pretty neat getting all these comments fromFAMOUS people-Huh?
But just so you know your Grandma Smiththinks you are pretty special and is very proud of your strength and hope to see you before too long.Love,Grandma

mama stake said...

Hey Tyler!
I'm not so excited about Jim Tressel but
I'm trying to vote multiple times for a Labra-doodle!!!
Stakers will dog sit!!
If you share this with your mom
I'm as good as dead!
we love you,
Laura and Mark

Garvers said...


Cool about the hat! I wonder if Jim Tressle got on your blog & voted for a dog - I bet he did! I think Oreo would love a labradoodle! Are you thinking of a name for it yet? You can count me in on the vote (I only voted once - LOL) Kathy - give it up - how could you possible say no to Tyler????? Think how cool a labradoodlle will look in Tyler new car you are getting him when he turns 16!!

jd said...


Gee, an autographed Jim Tressel hat! I planned on giving you autographed Bengals rap sheets and 8x10 mug shots; but who can compete with "The Vest?"

Actually, I have an autographed Buckeye item that will fit in well with your recent collection. I'll bring it by this weekend (hint: TTHTW).

I've voted for a Labradoodle as well. You already have a small "punting" dog - now you need a manly dog named "King" or "Yellow Dog."

Welcome home and stay strong!

The Domianos