Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rough day and KFC

The "big guns" of Chemo began last night, and it was a rough battle. All of the side effects associated with Chemo came full force into play. Toward late morning Tyler was finally dozing off, then they came to take him into surgery for the spinal tap Chemo treatment (his 4th spinal tap). When he came out of surgery, around 1:30 in the afternoon, he was feeling great and talking and smiling. He had a big craving for KFC popcorn chicken. I ran across the street and got him the party size, and he downed about half of it. He is still feeling good, and ordered pizza for dinner.

New Chemo drugs were administered about an hour ago. he will likely start feeling the effect in an hour or so.

Our good friend Jerry stopped by. He had reviewed Tyler's cat scans and gave a better explanation of the results. Long story short, the results are very, very good. The cancer is dying fast. This is a long and ugly war, all foght inside Tyler's body, but it is a war we will win.

Today the doctors confirmed that his spinal tap for this Saturday can be done as an out patient, allowing Tyler to come home Friday after his morning Chemo treatments! Tyler is very excited about that (we all are!). We are now on day 14 in the hospital (except for the 7 wonderful hours he came home for Thanksgiving). We will be back in as soon as his blood count build back up, but it will be great to have him home.

I spoke to a friend of one of our sons today who was just admitted to the Oncology floor. Her symptoms were very similar to Tyler's, and they just found out yesterday it was cancer. They are now going through the process we did two weeks ago. I do not know if they want their name public, but please keep them in your prayers.

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