Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank you

Kathy and I have been amazed at number of calls, emails, and visits from some many people. There are so many people praying for Tyler, there is no question that we will beat this. I do not know how we could have survived this past week without everyone. We have gone for 7 full days with nothing but continually worse news as we learn has fast and how far the cancer has spread. How can a healthy and happy young man of 15 years have cancer in his lungs, stomach, heart, bladder, kidneys, spleen, and on and on and on? When we saw the extent the cancer had spread throughout the bone marrow, I had nothing left in me. All I could do was cry with a friend, and read the the many emails of prayers and thoughts for Tyler that you have all sent. I thank you all very much. I know God is with us on this, but I could not do it alone. I do not think we could beat this without you all.

As for Tyler, I am continually amazed at his strength. I am proud of him and love him so very much. He is amazed by the number of emails and cards from so many people. Many of theme from people he does not even know. Thank you all again. We have a long fight before us, but we will win. Tyler will be coming home strong, healthy, and cancer free.

Pray that God will continue to give Tyler the strength to fight this.
Pray that God will continue to give the doctors the wisdom as they examine Tyler.
Pray that God will give Kathy and I the ability to teach and guild Tyler through all this.

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