Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who is Tyler

Loves all sports (at least the real ones). Mostly football and basketball. Post any of your opinions and he will get back to you.

Best teams in football to follow: OSU and Browns

Best Basketball: The Magic

Best sport to play: Basketball

Best T.V.: The Office and 24.

Best "sitting" activity: xbox

School: Sophomore, Jerome High School

Post any of your thoughts, jokes, or general insights to life.


Garvers said...


You are in our prayers! Did you get to see any of the OSU game on Saturday? I think they won just for you - he he he

The Saponaros said...

Tyler we are on your team!!!!As your Dad says...we will win! Speaking of which..how about those buckeyes!!!!Will it be the Rose Bowl? Jim says to talk Browns Trivia with him...he's more than a little crazy about the Browns!!We'll talk soon...
The Saponaros

JRG said...

Tyler your mom sent out the picture of you today with the Shelley & Chimera (Blue Jacket players), did you give Chimera that black eye?

Some OSU trivia for you:

When Woody was asked after being up 34 points why he went for the 2 point conversion, do you know what he said?

As you go into this battle, be STRONG and know that we are praying that your body will beat this stinkin disease.
mr. geisler

The Heicher- Gale's said...

The Gale's are on Tyler's team!!!! Along with the rest of Katebrown:)

graham said...


Hey! We are all here rooting for you. If you want to watch a good game of football on Saturday Coffman is playing St. X. in the semi-state finals. It will be recorded live on the Sports Time Ohio cahnnel. It's going to be great to watch Coffman play against the #1 team in the nation. We are always here for you Tyler.

-da grahams