Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another Day

Tyler did get some sleep last night, but this morning the nausea is back and his temperature is up. He is still unable to talk because of the mouth and throat sores.

Now the focus is on his platelets. Normal blood platelets are 150. Those on chemo usually drop to 5o. Tyler is down to 14. This will require another blood transfusion. His white blood count also remains very low at 0.2 (we need them up to 4).

We will not be going home today.


Joan Brant said...

Hi Kyle, Kathy and Tyler,
Go for the Labradoodle! They are gorgeous!
When I was getting ready for work this morning I felt like I should go sit down and pray for Tyler's complete healing. I did. I also read Acts 13 which talks about being an encourager. I, as well as thousands of others are praying for healing, strength and peace in your lives.
Love and blessings to all of you.

DonQuixote1 said...

Hello!!! I am Michael..
Dear Kyle, Kathy and Tyler,
Your Dear and Delightful Mother,and Grand Mother shared how
Wonderful the Lord is working inyour lives. And, how all your family/friends and the communities here and there are praying for you and yours,too.
God Bless You,

Michael McKee & .....
The Men of Carmel Presbyterian Church are praying for

Anonymous said...

Hi,my dear Tyler--hope things start getting a little easier for you-we are all praying for some good news every day-stay strong.We are so confident that all those good nurses and doctors will get you on the road to wellness soon.Love to you and your Mom and Dad and brothers from Grandma Smith and all your relatives in columbiana.Keep strong,Tyler