Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another Difficult Day

This another difficult night and day for Tyler. For the most part, it is all the same problems he had after his first round of chemo, just a whole lot worse. I would not have believed that was possible. The counts have all dropped, the fever has returned, and talking is almost impossible because of the mouth sores. He has been removed off all items by mouth. (although it has not stopped the vomiting).

Tyler received a platelet transfusion, but then his temperature was too high to to the blood transfusion.

There is some concern about Tyler's pancreas, gall badder, and liver. It may just be chemo side effects, or there may be something more serious. The dieing cancer cells and the chemo drugs are both very toxic. It is critical that his body continue to function to flush all that poison out of him as quickly as possible.

Please pray for Tyler's strength. Please pray for his health in all the other parts of his body.

Please pray for our dear friend John. He, along with his wife and three sons, were the first friends we made when we moved to Columbus. His is currently at the James fighting cancer.


Anonymous said...

I love you Tyler. I'm so Lucky to have you. Grateful everyday

Anonymous said...

I love you Tyler. I am so Lucky to have you. Grateful everyday