Friday, December 7, 2007

Are We Done Yet?

Tyler has been beaten up pretty hard by the chemo. He was supposed to be home for two weeks of rest before his next 7-day chemo series begins on December 17th. Unfortunately his break only lasted two days. We were back in the hospital Monday morning with severe reactions to the intense chemo treatment. Each day seemed to get worse.

Last night was especially bad. Many people have been praying for Tyler's healing and strength, and Mike Smith, our pastor, put together a 48 hour prayer group.

Around 4 a.m. this morning Tyler began to sleep a little. About 9 a.m. he was awake. For the first time in a week we saw some color coming back into his face!

His blood counts are still very low, which is causing more problems. White cells are still sitting at 0.2, platelets have dropped dramatically, and the red cells are starting to drop. And the soars in this mouth and throat are increasing. Today Tyler received another blood transfusion and platelet transfusion. His temperature is still high and fluctuation, but it is below 100 more than it is above 100.

in spite of the problems, his spirits are back and he is stronger. Throughout the day today he continued to look and feel better. By noon he was able to sit us and watch some ESPN. Then, about 6 pm, he asked me to run out and get him a Chipotle! The old Tyler is coming back.

It will still be a couple of days or so before he can leave the hospital, but it appears he is getting the strength to fight back again. His white blood count continues to be the biggest issue, and only his own body can build that back up. But it appears something is happening inside him that is giving him the ability to fight back.

Typically the side effect of chemo are at their worst 7-10 days after the last chemo treatment. Today is day seven, so we may be nearing the end of this first round. It was worse than expected, but we may be turning the corner. There is no way to know how many rounds Tyler will go through to be cancer free, but I do know that it is now one less than it was.

Please continue to keep Tyler in your thoughts and prayers. he still has a long way to go before he is strong enough to handle the next round of chemo beginning December 17th. because to the highly aggressive nature of Burkitt's, it is critical that there be no deviation from the chemo schedule.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kyle,

Add the Sims family, and everyone we know, to the extensive list of people praying for your son and cheering him on. Tyler might find it amusing to know that I truly think of you as an of those sent to help us when our family was going through a difficult time.
When I was desperate, you just smiled at me, and found a way to get us into our new home in less than 3 weeks.
Your family is in our thoughts throughout every day, and we know you will all come through this, stronger that ever. Keep the faith.

Ellen, Matt, Courtney, and Shannon

Brian Recker, Tony DiCesare, And Jeff Olson said...

Hey Tyler,

How have you been feeling? It's Tony, Brian, and Jeff. Jeff and Brian shaved their heads and Jeff looks pretty weird. That is so cool how you got D-Wade shoes and Cook shorts. Make sure you keep up the beats so we can throw down a beat-boxing battle when we hang out. Well, we'll make sure that we will keep in touch with you. We're praying for you.

Tony, Brian and Jeff

Suzi G said...

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

You know this truth -- you live this truth, day after day after day! By this, you encourage us all in our walk.

Tyler has an incredible fighting spirit. I think he got that in large part from the example set before him.

Our prayers will continue!

jd said...


'A number of years ago, someone counted the promises in the Bible and totaled up 4,747. I can't verify the number but I do know that within the pages of the Bible that there are thousands of promises that grab the reader and say, "Believe me! Accept me! Hold on to me!"

And of all of the promises in the Bible, the ones that often mean the most are the promises that offer hope at the end of affliction.

Those promises that tell us, "It's worth it. Walk with me. Trust me. Wait with me. I will reward you."

As for me, I will trust in You.
O, Lord, I say, "You are my
God" - Psalm 31:14

Tyler, keep on grinding out those tough yards up the middle! Soon you're going to pop a long one and take it to the house to beat this thing!


The Domianos

lisa said...


We are praying for you throughout each day & night. You are certainly a fighter, a very strong individual-what a great quality to have! I see the outpour of love & support from your family & friends-it is amazing! I haven’t had the chance to meet you yet but you must be one awesome kid!! I am blessed to know your mom, dad & Erik-what an unbelievable family you have!

Connor, my son, is a friends with Erik. Connor keeps trying to get your mom to let Erik sleepover on a school night while you are in the hospital but for some reason your mom isn’t going for it. Connor along with some of Erik’s other friends shaved their heads in your honor. You have touched a lot of people & we are all praying for you!

Keep the faith & the fight! Our prayers are always with you!!

The Davies-Pete, Lisa, Connor, Nicholas & Grant

deyerle said...

Dear Tyler,


You want a chipotle! That would really put the blaze back in your saddle! I think I would hold off on that one for a while. Great to know you feel up to that though. That means things are coming around and you have made it through your first round of chemo! What a giant leap forward that is!! I hope you are bursting with pride,because I am. You are so strong, so brave and so courageous. You're amazing and we love you.

Hugs, kisses and prayers,


Anonymous said...

This is for you ,Dear Kyle--Thank you so much for the daily updates-I know I talk to Kathy every day,and I need that,but is good to get your take on things,alsoI wish I could be there to be of some help with the rest of the family and maybe I will be able to soon.
You are all so fortunate to have the wonderful friends and neighbors and to have all the prayers from everywhere.
I pray that soon Tyler will be able to enjoy the blog and write somethings himself.We are all so proud of his strength and courage.All te Smith's and Hoslers have All of you and your family in their hopes and prayers.Tyler has a wonderful family and he will be so happy when he can join you at home again for a little reprieve before starting again.
I love you all and hope I can get down there soon .Grandma Smith

The Maces said...

Hi Tyler,

We are the Maces and we live at the other end of Greenstone. We just wanted to say hi and let you know you are in our prayers. During our evening prayer, our 7 year old always thanks God for me, Mom. He recently added you along with me and last night said we needed "to thank God for Tyler first and then say Mom".

Sounds like you are getting some pretty awesome sports items. I was just thinking you might want to think about opening a mini-museum and charging the neighborhood kids (and friends and family) to take a look. You could even display the different sports at different times and have it open several times a year. You will need space so you might have to talk your Mom into letting you re-arrange the living room furniture and getting rid of some knick-knacks. But who knows - over the next two years you may make enough change to pay for your first year at OSU!

We look forward to hearing that you are back on Greenstone soon!

The Maces

Grandma Bonnie said...


I just called Kyle, and to find him in your hospital room having a Chipotle with you was music to my ears. I agree with Debbie - Holly Cow! - but to see how knocked down you were, and yet each time you fight through and come up for air and a Chipotle. You are unbelievably awesome. I can't wait to see you next week. Chipotle works for me.

Love, Grandma Bonnie

lowlife said...

Just wanted to drop a line and say you're in my thoughts and prayers. (I got a link from the OSU blog, Around the Oval - and couldn't help but be moved).

In 1996, at the age of 13, I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. I can tell you it was the most challenging experience in my life. But what kept me going was laughing with my friends, having fun and never once treating a day like it wasn't special. I have full confidence that you're on the road to recovery. You have so much support (I wish I had a blog back then! The only thing I have is my dad's really lame pictures of me with the cute nurses - I think they were more for him than me, really). And with all the prayers going out, they're bound to be answered.

PS - Chipotle? Man that does sound good! I was more of a Taco Bell kid myself back then - and Arby's (that's all they had in Toledo). I hated the hospital food. Especially the fish sandwiches. Oh man. That stuff was awful!

Blessings & Go Bucks!


ang said...

Kyle and Tyler,

Just wanted to drop you guys a line to say we are thinking and praying for you and your family. I have felt a real burden to pray for you Tyler, and I know that God has a master plan for all this, just keep on trusting him.

-Nate and Angie Maust

Kathleen Smerles(SMURF) said...

Stay strong tyler!!!!! everyone misses you in health!..even that weird teacher mr.hundley!=)

Denise Northern said...

So yesterday I am at Vista choir practice for our program coming up in a a week. And we are singing and I just started thinking about you Tyler! And I began crying. We sat down and someone shared an update about you and I just started crying again. We sing this song Miracle and it just really makes me thin of all you are going through and that you are a miracle, Tyler. I know you will gain your strength back and we are all here for you. Vista is here for you! You are loved! Be strong and hang in there!