Monday, December 3, 2007

Back in the Hospital

We are learning again that cancer will not permit you to plan more than one step at a time.

We came home Friday, planning on being home for two weeks to recuperate from the chemo. Tyler was sick all week-end, but was getting better by Sunday evening. For about 5 hours he was feeling great, watching football, and visiting friends. This morning (Monday) we were scheduled to go back to children's for an out patient spinal tap surgery and chemo treatment.

Tyler woke up this morning very sick. By the time we got to the hospital at 8:30 he was having difficulty walking and was vomiting.

Tyler was dehydrated from all the vomiting. He was also very anemic. Normal white blood counts are between 4-10. Chemo patients typically drop to 3-4. They get concerned if counts drop to 1, and extremely concerned at 0.5. Tyler was at 0.3. His red blood count, normally 12, was 8.3.

Tyler received a blood transfusion and was put on morphine and nausea medicine. The surgery was postponed to 3:00, hoping to get his strength and blood counts back up. At 3:30 the doctor finally cancelled the surgery because we could not stop the vomiting. By 5:00, after being unable to stop the pain, Tyler was admitted back into the hospital.

Also, open sores in his mouth, common with Chemo treatments, are now starting to appear.

In talking to other parents in the oncology clinic, we just need to get used to this. Always have the bags packed and back up plans for the other kids.

When we first arrived here almost three weeks ago, someone told us a cancer diagnosis was like a tornado hitting your home. Everything is torn apart and thrown around, but you pick up the pieces and rebuild. Many things will be different in the rebuilt, but eventually a "new normal" begins to evolve. I guess we are learning our "new normal".

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Mom & Dad said...

Kyle and Kathy, you are going through the worse possible situation a human being can be called upon to endure.- the suffering of a child. Your courage, faith and strength will be tested mightily. You are held high in our hearts and prayers. Hold on to each other. You have given Tyler the best skills possible for this battle. You are great and loving parents. He has the tools and God has the the Grace. Keep strong and well.

We love you,

Mom & Dad