Sunday, December 2, 2007

Brown's Lost, But Still A Great Day

Tyler came home Friday, but he has had a rough time of it. Then, about 5:00 today Sunday), he was finally able to get out of bed and move around. He even was able to eat dinner. Then he settled down to watch the Brown's...the first game he has been able to watch this weekend.

The Browns lost, but everything turned bright again. First, a group from our neighborhood came by to see Tyler with gift certificate's to Dick's Sporting Goods and Best Buy, then our friends and neighbors, the Grandy's, dropped off a basket ball and hockey stick signed by the entire team!

Bob Shultz, a great family friend, sent these cool "TEAM TYLER" hats

Dan, Kathy, Erik, Luke, Brandon

Finally ready for the home cooked meal, with brothers Erik and Travis.

Basketball signed by entire OSU Basketball Team

and Hockey stick signed by entire OSU Hockey Team!

Finally relaxing with some computer games.

Computer Pass word: BeStrong


Grandma Bonnie said...


You are looking good - and what a great smile. Love the pictures and all the sports things. You are on with Grandpa to shoot hoops SOON!!

Love you,

Grandma Bonnie

breanna said...

Your in my prayers Tyler.

Love your cousin Breanna

Pat said...

Hi Tyler,
You don't know me, but I heard about you from mutual friends on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Atrium) prayer line. I learned about you during the same week that I found out a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I asked her to offer her chemo treatments as a living kind of prayer for you...and she said that she would...and then she said....Both of us have our next chemo on Dec 17th - so just know that an awesome lady named Lorrie out in Arizona will be with you in a special way these days. All of us are praying for you, too! Take care, Tyler!

harthurst said...

I have been battling lymmphomoma for 6 years. I have had had my ups and and downs. I can feel your pain. Being an Buckey fan and not able able to abla follow my favorite College football team frustrate me. My hope is that you can watch the OSU Buck's ( No. 1 team ) beat the the LSU Tiger's in the BCCS
From a patient battling cancer keep your chin up. There will be days when battling is a Hell of a Game compared to your most video game. Trust me, count on your friends, and family they will pull you through. Go BUCKEYES they will win BCS Champ.