Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Counts Are Moving Up!!!!

On Monday, after only two days home, Tyler was brought back to the hospital with severe side effects from the chemo. He has been fighting this up hill battle for the past seven days. His blood counts were extremely low, as he was suffering every side effect you have heard of from chemo. He could barely move or talk. He could not eat or drink, and had difficulty sleeping.

Around 4:00 am Friday Tyler began sleeping better and looking stronger. His blood counts and fevers continued to be a problem, but it appeared he had his strength and fight back.

This morning (Sunday) at 7 am, his counts began to move back up!
---His white counts are the most critical at this point. Under chemo, the white counts usually drop to 3 or 4 (healthy white counts are 10). Tyler has been at 0.2 all week, but in the past 12 hours they have risen to 1.
---Platelet counts, 150 in a healthy person, normally drop to 50 under chemo. Tyler had dropped to 12, but in the past 12 hours has risen to 45.
---Red counts, 12 in healthy people, drop to 10 under chemo. Tyler had dropped to 4.7, but in the past 12 hours has risen to 9.3.
---His fever, which been spiking at 103-104, has been under 100 for 24 hours.

I can not imagine what Tyler is going through. There is a 13 year old boy in the room next to us that, for a couple of hours last night, screamed at doctors and nurses to get out of his room as he refused treatments. A girl who turned 16 yesterday, in a room down the hall, has cried out load for the past couple of nights. This seems to have been an exceptionally difficult week on the oncology floor.
I am absolutely amazed by watching Tyler. He has never once complained or fought the treatments. On occasion he will calmly tell them to "just wait" during the treatments. He then just sits and focuses, as if he is getting on his "game face". Then he tells then to begin again. The same is true of the liquid meds he needs to drink. I can not imagine what they taste like, but the smell about knocks me over. Tyler sits up and lines up the meds beside his drinks to rinse out the taste (he has discovered that rinsing with apple juice followed quickly by Sprite works best). He focuses on all the liquid meds, taking deep breaths as though he is getting into his zone, and then works his way through each one in perfect precision. I am in awe of how he has discovered within himself the strength and control he needs to get through this fight.

They are now beginning removing many of the IV's (he was on seven). They have stopped to antibiotics, and are slowing down the morphine pump. If his appetite continues, the temperature holds, and the counts continue to rise, Tyler should be able to come home in a couple of days.


deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

Like I said you are amazing and so is God's grace! None of us can imagine how difficult this is for you, but God knows. He is beside you through all of this and he will not leave you. Continue to have faith in him and he will see you through. I hope the next time I hear, you will be headed home.
I see Tim won the heisman. Kenny is happy!

Luv ya much,


Nate's Mom said...

Hi Tyler, I just wanted to let you know that our church, Prince of Peace, prayed for you this morning. I hope that somehow you can feel God's presence as you continue this fight. You are on our minds and in our prayers everyday. We will pray hard today for your blood levels to continue to rise and that your fever will stay under 100. With love, Mrs. Davakis

Vieth family said...

We are so glad to hear that you are doing a little better each day. We are praying very hard for you! We are proud of you! You are a very strong and courageous young man.
The Vieth family

Robbie B said...

Hey Tyler,

Robbie here, just stopping by to say that's great news. I bet you can't wait to get home soon. Everyone at school is thinking about you and praying for you.

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Tyler, this is Tommy Beith's father. Tyler, you keep fighting. We are all with you. We know how hard this fight is.

I too had cancer 7 years ago...I know what you are going through and I know you will be fine. I have read the notes your father has posted and I can see the character and fight you have. That is what cancer hates...a fighter, so you keep on fighting. This whole event will be a part of your past. With each passing day your fight will beat this desease and it will soon be in your past.

Remember...God, your family, your friends, your school, your neighborhood and Dublin are praying for you.

Aaron said...

Tyler and family -

Your blog was brought to my attention this evening and I wanted you to know that my entire family will be praying for you on your journey. You are on our hearts and minds. May God strengthen you, sustain you, deliver you and bring you peace throughout your battle. You're in our prayers friend.

Anonymous said...

Keep being tough and come home soon...
Our friend the Langwassers may be on J5 tomorrow since Olivia is checking back in for her week of chemo. They hoped to stop by and visit you. Olivia's brother Christian plays summer baseball with Ben.
Take care,

The Swards

Stef Tarapchak said...


My name is Stef Tarapchak. I am of friend of the Rusin Family. Actually, I work for Dr. Rusin at Children's. I will make it a point to come and visit you at the hospital, but I need to get back to work. You see, I am surviving cancer myself. I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer on July 23, 2007. I know the hardships of chemo and knowing that cancer is a one day at a time journey. I am currently at home recovering from surgery to remove most of my cancer.

We battle this stupid disease on a daily basis, but be strong. I have adopted the slogan "I refuse to lose" and will be opening a new website soon for this.

I am looking forward to meeting you one day and know that my wife and I are praying for you daily. You are surrounded by a great family and support group.

Keep the faith, Tyler!
Your blog friend,
Refusing to lose!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler,

We've been keeping up with your progress with the help of Gramma Smith and this blog. You truly are blessed to have so many friends pullin' for you. It's great to hear you're on the up-swing.
We hope that each day brings you renewed strength to continue your fight.You are in our thoughts & prayers every day and we hope you get to go home soon.
Glad to see the "dog vote" went in your favor,(we helped to the maximum extent that technology would allow),let us know how THAT goes.(LUV ya Sister!)

All our love,

Uncle Alan & Aunt Sylvia

P.S. What's a "chipotle" ?

DaveR said...

My name is Dave Richardson.I am the strength and conditioning coach for the Ohio State Basketball Team. Your name and blog came up at our small group gathering at church (northwest bible in hilliard) last night. Just want you to know that your prayer group just got much bigger! We know the power of prayer and realize that you are in God's hands. Get well brother and if you need anything from us, please contact me. 614.247.6365 or

Anonymous said...


How wonderful to see that your counts are rising!! It sounds like you are being so brave and we're glad to see your "fight" is there because you WILL WIN!! Loved to hear you were craving Chipotle--one of my favorites too : ) Stay strong, stay positive, keep your focus and most of all keep your faith!!
Out prayers have not let up and will not!!
God Bless you and your family,
Cindy Duco