Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Family -- Friends -- Community

Tyler is finally resting quietly. His temperature is back below 100. Earlier there were some blood oxygen and heart concerns, but that all seems to be under control now.

Sitting in this dark and quiet room, I have been thinking about the unbelievable support we have all received from those around us. It was three weeks ago today that this journey began. There is no way we could express our appreciation to all of you who have helped us with your prayers, notes, and support. Our family, small group, neighbors, school, my associates at Keller-Williams, Vista Community Church (and most of the other Church's around Dublin and beyond), and every where else people have come out to help and support Tyler. It is very humbling. This community has allowed us to focus totally on our family. We have received cards and meals from more people than we even know. We are hearing from the friends and families of our friends and families. It does amazing things to our spirits and energy.

Just today,Kathy stayed with Tyler and I went home to take care things. A friend came over to help with setting up the Christmas tree, make lunch, and just talk. Another called to take Erik after school. Then dinner was brought. And sometime in the middle of all this, someone shoveled our walk and driveway from this mornings snow.

Tyler always gets a giant emotional lift from the notes and items from the sports hero's. I have none of those connections. Everyone of them heard about Tyler through one of our friends or family.

When the doctors told me about Tyler's cancer, and the extent that it had spread, I felt totally helpless. I have never felt like that. For the very first time in my life, I did not know my next step. It is a very lonely and scary feeling. The prayers, love, and support of this community is what held us together.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the story about dividing the entire world into two groups, the sheep and the goats. One group He blesses and the other He condemns. The only difference between the two groups is what they either did or did not do for those around them in need. Kathy and I have always instilled that lesson in the boys. We never imagined we would be on the receiving end. It is a very amazing, wonderful, and humbling experience.


deyerles said...

Dear Kyle and Kathy,

I am so thankful Tyler is now able to rest. We will continue to pray for you all. We love you.


Brian Recker said...

Hey Tyler its Brian

I just wanted to see how your doing, and that I am praying for you. You can call or text me anytime you want. Let me know when Tony and I would be able to come back to visit you again.

Brian Recker

Anonymous said...

Dear Tyler and Family,
I just found your site and hope you are all doing well.My son was diagnosed with Burkitts(stage 2) a year ago.If we can ever help please don't hesitate to call.I am listing his web site and my email.Take care and God Bless
Susie Eichelberger