Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home Again!

We are back home! It is always good to have everyone under the same roof.

Tyler has been resting most of the day. The home nurse stopped by to check Tyler's vitals and give him a shot. The shot itself was $3,800. Just one of Tyler's 8 prescription drugs we needed to bring him home was $1,035. We are getting a real education in the cost of quality heath care.

We are now off of chemo until the beginning of round three on January 7th. I just received an email from the mother of a 17 year old boy who will also be with us on J-5 (the Oncology floor of Children's Hospital). He is having a bone marrow transplant on January 8th due to Burkitt's Lymphoma. Please keep him in your prayers.

Typically the side effects of chemo begin on the 3rd day after treatments, usually resulting in several days in the hospital. For this round, that 3rd day will be Christmas Eve. Therefore the Alfriend's had decided to move Christmas to December 23rd this year. That means tonight is our Christmas Eve! Erik is especially excited, getting Christmas two days ahead of everyone else.

Merry Christmas!


Deyerles said...

Merry Christmas Alfriend Family!!!!
Enjoy your day. We love you all and continue to pray the next few days are easy and uneventful.(as far as side effects)We will be thinking of you in the morning as you spend this special time together.
Love, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Dear Tyler ,Mom and Dad and brothers--so happy you are once again home and hope this time everything goes well.
I hope Santa knows you are home now,but I am sure he has been keeping tabs on you.
Ty, I can't wait to see you again and hopefully wll be able to before too long.
Have a nice time tonite and on your Christmas tomorrow.Ilove you all and am keeping all of you in my prayers.
Grandma Smith

lisa davis said...

So glad you were able to be home.
We were so happy to hear that!
Have a fun time with your family tonight (of course you always do)!
Merry Christmas! Your strength amazes us everyday!
The Davis'
Jon, Lisa, Brennon, Evan

Anonymous said...


You all continue to be in my prayer. Keep fighting Tyler, you're one more round closer.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Everyone! Thank you all so much for all of the gifts, food, cards, help, and friendship! We could not get through all of this without all of you! Tyler is resting now, finally! It has been a long day. Hopefully he will be able to sleep through the night.
We have received dinners, and many times I (we) do not even know who they are from. But please know that we appreciate them so much. The boys are really enjoying all of the delicious meals, and so are Kyle, Tyler and I when we are home. I wish I could have the time to write or call each and every one of you so that I am sure you realize how much it is all aprreciated. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day. The days are just flying by! We very much appreciate all of the prayers - that IS what is getting us through this. We are trusting God will get us back to healthy days. Have a wonderful Christmas!