Monday, December 24, 2007

Long Day

Mery Christmas

Another long and difficult day in clinic. The mouth and throat sores are back in full force, and the nausea medicine is no longer working as well as it did. Tyler is rating the pain as the worst since this process began 6 weeks ago.

The largest tumor (which turned out to be 3 tumors) has reduced significantly (praise God for that). In their place, they left a very damaged section of intestines. We do not yet know how damaged, or if there are perforations, but it is causing a us a lot of concern. I believe that is where a lot of pain is coming from. Tyler is also still losing weight, losing another 3 pounds since he left the hospital on Friday.
Align Center
The good news is that Tyler's blood counts are holding strong so far. They are actually very good, helping to give his body some strength in fighting this disease and all the side effects of the chemo. His heart and blood pressure are also very strong. This is why we were able to come back home today.

We already had our Christmas yesterday morning, so this is a very welcomed surprise. We plan on spending this Christmas morning just sharing and telling stories as a family. We are a big story telling family. It helps keep a lot of our best memories alive. The other day we were all sitting around telling stories, and Erik told us about a bad dream he had. We all then started telling stories of weird or scary dreams. Then, from under the blanket on the sofa, came Tyler's gravel voice saying, "Try having dreams on those are freaky". We all got a big laugh. Just another one of those statements that, only 6 weeks ago, I would not have believed I would ever hear from my son.

We would like to wish everyone a very wonderful and joyful Christmas day. We would like to thank all of those who have done so much to make this trial a little easier. We are continually humbled by all those who have been so kind to us. It all means so much to us all. As I was writing this post, I got a strange phone call saying there was something in our driveway, which turned out to be a large Christmas wrapped box. I do not know what is inside. We will let the boys find out in the morning.

Merry Christmas

Just because it is too cute.


jd said...


Merry Christmas back at you! It's way cool that Tyler was able to be home with his family to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

I also think it is very special of you in sharing your family's intimate Christmas moments on your blog.

Seeing the joy in Kathy's, Travis's, Erik's, Brandon's, yours and especially Tyler's smile shows all of us following Tyler's epic battle how important it is to keep our faith in God strong and to keep Tyler and his family in our daily prayers.

Much love at Christmas,

The Domiano's

PS: Tell Brandon I really like what he's doing with his hair these days! GO BUCKS!

deyerles said...

Hey Guys,

Glad to hear your Christmas went so well. Tyler I know you are glad you were able to come back home. We are thinking and praying this round will be easier. Looks like the chemo is doing it's job on the tumors. Hang in there man! I know it's tough but you are doing an amazing job of coping with this beast! We luv ya. Merry Christmas!

beth said...

Merry Christmas Alfriend family from the Malarkeys.

dina bornhorst said...

I love the Peanuts video -- That gospel (Luke 2:8-14) was read last night at Midnight Mass, and I actually thought of that scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's so sweet and innocent- sounding coming from the mouths of babes -- very nice to see in your blog :)

Ky's been home a little over 24 hours, most of it has been spent sleeping and some of it has been feeling severe abdominal pain. Tony went out and picked up some Tylenol w/codeine that was prescribed by today's on-call M.D. She's doing a little better right now.

I read Ky the paragraph you wrote with Tyler's quote about dreams on morphine, and we both got a laugh out of that.

Best wishes to you guys -- We'll see you before long, I'm sure. Actually, her next admit date is scheduled for Jan. 10.
Take care,
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Tyler and Family,
Merry Christmas!
Have been following your journey on the website and praying for you daily. Life is truly not fair sometimes, but we wish you and your family good health and much happiness in 2008.
Stay strong Tyler!

The Belke Family
Eric, Debby, Jordan and Taylor

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all of you! I'm glad that Tyler got to spend Christmas at home. It must have been truly a special time for you and your family.

I know that we don't know each other but I'm just compelled to continue to pray for Tyler and your family. It might be because I also have a son named Tyler who is 16. And we also live pretty close to you. we're in Hilliard.

Anyway, please take care and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Angela Thompson