Saturday, December 29, 2007

Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow

I received the lyrics to this song, "Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow", from Sinjin, a young man battling Burkitt's Lymphoma in Texas. The song is by the band Wide Awake, which debuted the song at this years Lance Armstrong Foundation Gala.

I heard the news today.
It came out of nowhere.
I wish I could run away,
but where would I go?
Is this my destiny?
Something so unfair...
What will become of me?
God only knows.

And they say the road to heaven,

it might lead us back through hell.
Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow,
we'll win this fight and bury this sorrow.
We're so alive, still holding on,

not ready to die, so we LIVESTRONG.

My pride is left for dead,
as my world gets shaken.
The thoughts inside my head
are so hard to control.
I am staring down the unknown,
but one thing's for certain.
You can break my body,
but you'll never break my soul.

And they say the road to heaven,

it might lead us back through hell,
but we're holding on for more
than stories to tell.
Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow,
We'll win this fight and bury this sorrow.
We're so alive, still holding on,

not ready to die, so we LIVESTRONG.

You can hear a recording of the song here:

Tyler continues his fight here at Children's. Although he can not speak, he is strong enough to show his excitement as the Giants are currently beating Patriots by 5.


Grandma Bonnie said...


In honor of Tyler I watched the game today - that is a first for me but some how it made me feel closer to Tyler. It was a good thing.

Prayers for all of you this evening.



Garvers said...


Thank you for sharing this song. listened to it on the link - it is very good! We all received Livestrong yellow wristbands in our Christmas stockings this year. We are praying for all of you. Glad to hear Tyler has some good games to watch through all of this!


The Garvers

Leslie Evans said...

I have been following Tyler's story through Stef's blog and my family has been praying for your son. I have an 8 year old named Tyler so the name is on my mind quite often. The only thing that comes to mind right now is "turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace". Keeping you in our prayers, Leslie Evans

sra. said...

Dear Tyler and family,
I pray for all of you daily. You all truly inspire me. I share this quote from The Woman's Book of Courage with you:
"When we face our fears and let ourselves know our connecton to the power that is in us and beyond us, we learn courage."
-Anne Wilson Schaef
I am learning the true meaning of courage from you Tyler! You are awesome!
Kyle your insight, wisdom,and faith have been a great booster to my own faith. Thank you for taking the time to share on this blog what you are learning and discovering from this journey.
I pray that you might find rest from the pain.
I pray that you may feel God's love especially on the tough days like today.
But most of all I pray for Tyler's healing.
Peace to all of the Alfriends.
with love and prayers,
-karen k-s

Anonymous said...

Tyler, Kathy, Kyle and boys,

We are sitting here yet again tonight as we checked the blog and are praying that strength is given to fight and overcome. I wish we could close our eyes and see the kids all playing at the end of Kate Brown Drive like they all used to do...geez, I always loved your end of the street!!! Let's get past this and have a Kate Brown Family reunion soon! Our treat!!!! We love you and are praying for you every strong Tyler!

The Davis Family

The Coffey's from VA said...

We are friends of your parents/grandparents (Bonnie & Terry) when they lived in Virginia…. we are keeping our positive thoughts for more strength and praying your constantly for relief ..… it seems that you are a very strong young man with lots of strength also coming from those surrounding you. We pray that the road ahead will hold lots more better days for your fight towards your ultimate recovery ……

I am a regular platelet donor …… I donate 2 or 3 units every other Monday …… every time I go in I pray that my platelets will be able to help to heal someone who’s system cannot manufacture the platelets that they need for themselves ……. Reading your blog about your challenges and your friends on J-5 helps me realize that there are so many people needing blood products and that good things can really come from those products…… technology has come a long way; but, I pray that your road to recovery could be a little easier for you and your friends……. It sounds like you have lots of friends contributing blood products for you ….. but, if there is anything I can do from Virginia (Woodburn INOVA Blood Donor Center), please let me know……

May God’s strength be constantly with you and may He bestow peace, comfort and healing upon you to get your counts up, keep your vital organs strong, and easy your pain …..

Eva Coffey