Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Good News and a Relaxing Day

We received the results of Tyler's CAT scan and the cancer appears to still be reducing!

Last week we learned that the largest tumor had slit, showing that it was two tumors pressed together so tightly they appeared to be one. This last test showed that one of the halves has split again, showing it was actually three tumors. They have not gotten smaller, but they are changing in shape and consistency, and appear to be dissolving. The other largest tumor has reduced to very small. The number of other clusters of tumor throughout his body has also continued to reduce. Monday the bone marrow and spinal tap will tell us what is happening there.


---The Red Cross main office called us and said they have never received the number of donors for blood as they have seen for Tyler. The application form for the direct donor program only has room for 6 names. We are now around 140 donors. The Red Cross is now in the process of contacting all the names we gave them. Thank you all very much! It is more blood than Tyler can use right now, but there are many more people out there in need.

---The Dublin Jerome Basketball Boosters contacted us and are having a "Buck a Ball" fund raiser for Tyler during their game. The funds will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The game is snowed out tonight, but it will be rescheduled soon.

If you read the earlier posts, you see Tyler's favorite teams are The Heat and The Browns.
---Tyler received a letter from Chris Quinn of the Miami Heat, and a post on this site from Brady Quinn of the Browns.

We are only 30 days into a several month process, but we a celebrating the results we have seen so far. The support from all our friends, and the entire community, has constantly been an encouragement to us all.

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deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

It's working buddy! Hang in there!
Everyone is looking towards the day you are cancer-free. We're all with
you one step at a time. Enjoy the weekend and then on to round two.. Your a winner!