Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Results!

We received the results of the bone marrow test this afternoon. The cancer is essentially gone from the bone marrow! The spinal tap results showed that the spinal fluid remains clear and cancer free!

In a little better than half the cases, under an intensive chemo treatment, this cancer dies as fast as it grows. That is exacting what we have been experiencing for the past two weeks. The doctors said that Tyler's response to the chemo has been almost a text book response.

Tyler is handling the 2nd round a little better so far. His mouth sores have cleared up and the nausea is not as bad as the first round. The doctors have warned that the 2nd round could be a rough ride, but so far Tyler is staying strong. There are two concerns we are watching. Tyler has lost over 30 pounds, and his weight is continuing to drop. He also has now developed a bed sore that the wound specialists are keeping an close eye on.

Other great news -- our friend Olivia went home today, after 16 months on the oncology floor. She faces 14 more months of chemo, but she will be home! She made a necklace and a few other things for Tyler before she left.

Also, Kylee was able to go home today. She is back in Friday, but it is always nice to go home.

"I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me."
Philippians 4:13

"All the world is full of suffering, but it is also full of those over coming it."
Helen Keller


Sandi said...

Great news about the bone marrow results!! Hopefully, Tyler will continue to tolerate this second round of chemo well. We will still continue to pray for you as you still have a battle ahead of you. Your entire family is in our prayers as this is so hard for each member of the family. Take care and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Sandi Tarapchak.

Jeff & Rhonda Hoffman said...

I have often heard that instinct is really God whispering in your ear......and I believe this is true! I have seen this many times in the parents of children I have taken care of. They just "know" something isn't right. That is great news about the bone marrow. Tyler is on his way to being cancer free! We will continue to pray for your family!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Wonderful news about the bone marrow and spinal tap results!!! You're getting closer Tyler. Glad to hear Olivia and Kylee were both able to go home too. You guys remain in my thoughts are prayers.


MichaelConners said...

Stef Tarapchak asked that I stop by Tyler's blog, so I did.

You're on my prayer list.

deyerles said...

Wonderful news Tyler!

Just like I said, you are a winner!
Keep fighting and this battle will soon be won. We are thinking of you and praying this round will be easier than the first. You are getting it done! Keep the faith!


Aunt Carole & Uncle Mac said...

What wonderful news about the bone marrow results! Tyler, hang in there with the second round of chemo! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, Aunt Carole & Uncle Mac

Rindy said...

Hopped over here from Stef's blog---excellent on the latest results! I have 3 guys, one being 15 also, and as I read through your posts, I am saying extra prayers for you all. Stay strong...

If Tyler is into reading blogs, have him check out my 15 yr old's at http://mattw23.wordpress.com Lots of sports, teen stuff and inspiration---praying for you...

Kylee from down the hall said...

Just a quick hello. My counts are finally up so I will be checking in on Friday. I believe you all will still be there. I wanted to tell you guys that we have been in contact with my 12 year old second cousin who had stage 4 Burkitts Lymphoma. She is 12 years old and has been in remission for 9 months now after about 7-8 months of intense treatment. We will give you her website at the hospital and parents e-mails is you want to contact them. I think you might enjoy reading her journals because it may be easy to relate to a lot of her procedures and its encouraging to know that now she is feeling much better and back to a normal life. Hope Tyler is feeling better or sleeping a lot or both! See you soon.

Kylee Bornhorst