Thursday, December 6, 2007

Around the Oval - The Ohio State Buckeye Blog

Pfef is a friend of Tyler, and our entire family. He writes "Around the Oval - The Ohio State Buckeye Blog". You can find it at
I would like to share with you what he wrote last night.

This time of year, with the Holidays approaching and bowl selections being a hot topic of debate, college football fans (myself included) often tend to lose sight of the things that truly matter in life. In Columbus, Buckeye football tends to run our lives, and is always such a hot topic that it is commonly forgotten that it is only a game.

Tyler, sporting his #7 jersey, with his brother Travis last fall.

Tyler Alfriend, age 15 and a good friend of mine, defines what it truly means to be a Buckeye. The kid ate, slept, and breathed Ohio State football and basketball, and he is truly the epitome of what all fans of any team should admire. He followed the team with a passion, and you could carry on a discussion about Buckeye football with him for time on end.

But now, Tyler is fighting a battle far more serious than anything on the football field. On November 14 -- just three days before the Buckeyes were set to square off against archrival Michigan -- Tyler was diagnosed with stage IV Burkitt's Lymphoma, a form of cancer. That Saturday (the day of the game), Tyler began chemotherapy. Since then, he has had his ups (he was allowed to come home for Thanksgiving for a few hours), and his downs; however, this is a battle that Tyler is just now beginning to fight, and he needs all of the support that he can get. His father has set up a blog for everybody to check on Tyler's status, and I recommend that you read it and leave Tyler a comment (by the way, Buckeye fans, you should probably read all of the comments on this post).

The support for Tyler at this time has been great, and for that I am sure he and his family are very thankful. He received a signed Daequan Cook Miami Heat NBA Draft hat, a basketball signed by the entire OSU team, a hockey stick signed by the entire Buckeye team, autographed memorabilia by Miami Dolphins star Jason Taylor, a couple of members of the Blue Jackets stopped by Children's Hospital to spend some time with him, and just recently he received a football that read "Tyler, the Buckeyes are cheering for you! - Jim Tressel." Needless to say, that's a whole lot of cool stuff.

Please keep Tyler in your prayers. It's all myself and the Alfriend family asks of you this holiday season.


Suzi G said...

There are lots of amazing people in this world. I am thankful to know so many of them!!

And it is truly an honor to be praying for Tyler and all of the Alfriends.

deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,
What a wonderful article. You mean so much to so many people! I hope you are feeling better and can rest easy tonight.
On a different note...
I do think your Mom deserves a vote in the dog poll.It's only fair cause we all know she will be the mommy to that little pup. Kathy from the looks of the vote, I think you need to start campaigning as soon as possible. It gonna take a lot to sway those numbers. Sorry I can't help, cause ya know, I'm all about the Labradoodle. I do wish you luck though.
Tyler I did vote for Tim for the Heisman trophy cause Kenny told me too. That probably not the most popular vote out your way, so we'll blame him. Hope tomorrow brings you smiles and sunshine.

Love, Debbie

Brian Recker said...

Hi Tyler, Brian showed me this Blog. I am a little computer illiterate. But this is a great way to stay up to date with you. I just want you to know how much we miss seeing you over here with Brian and your other friends. We are praying for you everyday and then some. Keep fighting the fight, Tyler!!!
Mrs. Recker

Mamma Pfef said...

Dear Tyler,Kathy and Kyle,
We parents are so lucky to have boys as wonderful as these guys!

Ben and I hope your feeling better tonight. We are saying our prayers every day.

By the way, We vote against the beagle. Ben and I both had beagles growing up. They like to wander. Ben's dog used to find his way to Whitehall(from Upper Arlington} and mine made me chase him all over north Columbus. We vote for the Labradoodle.

Love, Mamma Pfef and Pfef Daddy

Robert said...

Hey Tyler -

You don't know me, but I'm a Michigan fan who spies on Around the Oval ... enemy recon and all that. Actually these days I just look it over to see exactly how bad the Bucks are going to demolish UM, and pretend that MY team is going to the title game ... again ... sigh.

Anyway, that's a digression. I hope you come through your fight stronger than ever. Know in your heart that the combination of prayer and medicine is one of the most powerful in the world.

I hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Looking through the comments here it appears that you've got a ton of support and the will to get through this. May God bless you and everyone who loves you.

Take care,

Grandma Ruthie said...

Hi, Tyler!
I've been keeping up with all that you are going through. Brenda also keeps me informed when she talks to your mother. We are both keeping you in our prayers.
I've been so impressed with your friends. They have certainly been such support to you and your family.
You and your brothers have grown and matured so much since we last saw you on Kate Brown.
Our church here in Williamstown, WV is continuing to keep you and all of your family in our prayers. God Bless all of you.
Grandma Ruthie Ruf

Sandi said...

Hi, I was led to your blog site by a friend of mine here in Hilliard. I just want to let you know that we will pray for you and your family. Our family was also dealt some devastating news this year. My husband, who is 37, was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive Stage 4 colon cancer. So, while I can't say I completely understand your situation, I do understand the devastation of cancer. He is 5 weeks post-op and doing pretty well. If you want, feel free to check out his blog at You sound like an amazing family. Take care of yourselves. We will be praying. The Tarapchaks.

Kylee said...

Hi Tyler. This is Kylee Bornhorst. I am finally on the computer for the first time since I have been home. I think your dad left me a nice comment on my website and I wanted to do that same. Hope you are hanging in there. I was glad I got to walk down and say hi that one night, but the reason I left so quick was because I felt dizzy and well you know the drill. Anyway I see you will be back in on the 17. I will be back on J5 on the 19th for a little while too. Hopefully I can come say hi again. The article I just read was very nice. I saw something about the miami heat. Do you like them? My best friend's brother plays on the team so maybe I could get you an autograph of someone you like on the team or something. Just let me know. Anyway hope home is treating you well and good luck.

Kylee Bornhorst

Debbie K said...

Hi Tyler, you don't know us but we live on Summerhouse Drive. My son Tyler was in your brother Eric's class last year. I had the honor of meeting your wonderful mom at one of the school parties. I have been following your blog and the long hard journey you are on. I am praying for you often. Please know that the Korcykoski family is here to help at any time. God bless you and your family. Go Bucks!
Debbie Korcykoski

billhune said...

Around the Oval is the blog where I found out about you Tyler, and I must say I am impressed, you have Michigan fans leaving you messages of support.

Who would have thought that Buckeyes and Wolverine fans would be jointly supporting the same cause.

Hope you are feeling better, and I hope to read inthe near future of your full recovery

Sabols said...

Hi Tyler,
We're friends of your grandparents, currently living on Maui. Just wanted to let you know that prayers are flowing your way from this side of the globe as we follow your battle and cheer you on. Never doubt that this shall pass, and life will be wonderful again!
The Sabols

Oh Yeah said...

I found this blog through "Around The Oval" and have since added Tyler to my prayer list My 8 year old son and I have been reading the blog ever since. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, so we have a special place in our hearts for cancer survivors. And BUCKEYES!!! Hang in there Tyler. The whole "O" is behnd you!