Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow Day

Just for Fun


BoomerSooner1 said...

Hey man,
This is BoomerSooner1, I saw this on a Buckeye site and just wanted to tell you, you have Sooner Nation cheering for you too! You are fighting the good fight and dont give up.
Boomer Sooner and Go Buckeyes!

P.S. If you didnt hear Appalachian St. who beat Michigan won their Third Natl. Title on friday. :)

Deyerles said...

Ok Tyler,

If Kenny wasn't jealous enough by all your sports memorablia, this morning he googled your name and there are 4 PAGES of articles about you!!! That's right not 4 articles but 4 pages of articles!!!
Just thought you should know there are alot of people thinking about you these days and wishing you the best.
Heard you have alot of snow. Wish we would get some. Claudia is standing over my shoulder and says come visit when you can. Maybe we can come visit you before too long.
Good luck tomorrow!