Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Still Here

Tyler is still unable to come home. His red blood cell counts continue to drop (he is now at 0.3). He is also running fever. we seem unable to keep his temperature under 100. His temperature is currently 103.6.

Although this was not the plan, it is not totally unexpected. World War III is being fought inside Tyler's body, and these side effects of those battles.

Please continue to pray for Tyler. Maintaining his attitude and spirit is very critical at this point, and almost impossible to do under the circumstances.

Our immediate focus is getting the temperature down and the white blood cells up.


Suzi G said...

We will be praying!

Grandma Bonnie said...


Loving you each and every day. One question - since you are still in the hospital have the Russian Blues been back for a visit? If so tell them I said hello.

Just checking, Grandma Bonnie

Mom said...

No they have not been back for a visit as yet. But the littlest "Blues" sent a really welcome "hug" via the "Russians".
Those Blues live really far away in Atlanta!

deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

Just thought you would like to know since I have been reading your blog, I have begun to follow the buckeyes. Before reading your blog, I didn't know what a buckeye was...
You don't believe that, do you? It is true! The other day I even recognized Jim Tressel on T.V. I am very excited about the game against LSU. I am sure you never thought your blog would generate a buckeye fan club in Virginia. It has and I am looking forward to you telling me more buckeye trivia. Also I am interested in what happens in a few
hours with the dog vote. I noticed the Labradoodle was in the lead. That's what I want. If you get one and it has puppies, can we have one. I sure that question just put your mom over the edge. HA!HA! I love ya Kathy! Just joking.Hope your feeling better soon. Nothing in your life will be harder than this.We are so proud of your courage. You DA MAN...
Love, Debbie

BuckNTexas said...


Sorry to hear one of the Buckeye nation is a little down. I too am a huge Buckeye football fan. Be strong and believe. From on Buckeye fan to another.


Marsh Williams said...


My name is Marsh Williams and I was diagnosed with Burkitt's on September 7th of this year.

I understand that we have connection through UALC and my friend and brother in this battle I will pray for you every day.

If I may be of any assistance or you just want to speak with someone going through the same fight please let me know. or