Monday, December 10, 2007

Still Moving Up!

Tyler's Platelets and Red counts are back in the normal range (normal for chemo patients that is)
His white count, the most critical, needs to be in the 3-4 range. Tyler had been at 0.2 all week. Yesterday he began moving up to 1, and as of this morning he is at 2.7!
Tyler was taken off antibiotics 24 hours ago, and his temperature has remained under 100.
He is feeling much better and starting to eat more (I did get very busted by the doctors for smuggling in a Chipotle when Tyler asked me).

We are looking at bringing Tyler home today or tomorrow. The 2'nd round of chemo starts back up Monday (12/17), but for now we are just looking to have everyone under one roof for a few days.

Thank you for all your prayers.


Oh Yeah said...

Such great news!! We will all pray round 2 will go much easier. Hopefully Christmas will be at home together!

Love and Blessings....

Joni Behrends

brutus said...

Hey Big Guy, you have about 20 Buckeye fans from the Hickory, North Carolina area praying for your recovery. Have a great day !

Suzi G said...

Kyle, Thanks for updating this so frequently. It is so good to know how to make requests in prayer and how to thank God for the blessings as well.

When I told my friend Lisa about the Chipotle, she said, "Here's to the power of Chipotle!" Now THAT is positive thinking!!(I can't stomach the stuff!!)

You are in our prayers!!

Grandma Bonnie said...

Terrific Tyler. December 10 is definitely Red Monday for the Alfriends. And home is just ahead. Round One completed - OVER! And you knocked it out of the park. Keep on Keeping On.'Let your performance do the talking.'

'The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital,' Coach Joe Paterno.

You Did it, Tyler,
Grandma Bonnie

Mary Anne Noland said...

With sores in your mouth, chipotle might actually burn; but, great news about the upwardly mobile counts. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Aunt Mary Anne

deyerle said...

Great news Tyler!

I know you are looking forward to going home. Sleeping in your own bed and your Mom home cooking is just what you need.


billhune said...


Glad to hear that your counts are going up, and that your fever is going down. I will be continuing to pray for you, and I will continue to check on your progress.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tyler,GREAT NEWS!! Everyone will be so happy to have you back with them again and that's better than any Christmas present!!
We all knew howstrong you would be and you did not let anyone down!!Round 2 wll take you one more closer to winning the battle and that wil be a glorious day!!!
Loveyou so much,Grandma Aliceor Grandma Smith,whichever suits your fancy.

Jen said...

Tyler, we just heard about you last night in our small group at Northwest Bible Church (Hilliard). Hang in there! Know that we are praying for you and your family.

In Christ,
Dale & Jen Radcliff

Shannon Coffey said...


You don't know me, but I am a long time friend of your grand parents on your father's side (Terry and Bonnie). Terry told me about your plight and I wanted you to know that you have an extended family of well wishers pulling for you.

For your benefit I'll root for OSU, whenever they are not playing Cincinnati.

Shannon Coffey, Naval Research Laboratory

Tony Bornhorst said...

Hey Tyler, this is Coach Bornhorst, Kylee's Dad. I enjoyed meeting you the other day on J-5. I wish that was a room at Jerome high school instead of Childrens' Hospital!! Anyhow, stuff like this always seems to hit the nicest people. But Lou Holtz used to always say that the nicest people, you know the ones that are polite and wear a shirt and tie, are usually the toughest when their backs are against the wall. In my short meeting with you, I could see the determination in your eyes, just like I've seen in Kylees. I've also seen this look in the huddle of many athletes in a tight game. That look just gives us, on the outside, a glimpse of your inside strength. That's powerful stuff Tyler, and you are lucky to have it. I am glad you're part of our team. Like I told Kylee, you'll get through this, and with the help of your family and friends, you will cross the finish line and win!

Tammi said...

Hey Tyler,

What good news! You are strong and a fighter like your Gram Alice. Our whole family (which is a lot of people) have you and your family in our prayers. Keep up the good work. (Your mom can tell you how we are related, thanks Kathy). Love to you all.
Tammi, Andy and Korey

Dina Bornhorst said...

You are an amazingly strong young man. I've been reading your story as posted by your dad on your blog. Although I have not met you yet, I have had the pleasure of meeting both your mom and your dad. Together, as a family, you will get through this. I'm thrilled to hear that you'll be going home soon! That in itself is a sweet reward. I pray that you will have a restful and uneventful time at home and just get to enjoy being with your family and in familiar surroundings.

God bless you,
Dina Bornhorst

patricia said...

Hello from Canada,

We're praying with you for strength and healing, and for much peace and many blessings at Christmas.


Angela said...

I have been following your blog for about a week or so now and have been praying for Tyler and your family. (a scrapbooking friend of mine directed me here) I am so glad that Tyler's counts are coming up! Hope the docs didn't give you too much grief over the Chipotle. The way i look at it, Tyler's hungry, so let him eat what sounds good. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler,
It is Tommy's mom. He enjoyed hanging out with you yesterday when you got home. He is amazed at the strength you must have. With the support from your friends and family you will get through this battle. I am glad you got to go home yesterday, and the fact your dad brought you Chipotle is great!
We continue to pray for you everyday and for your mom and dad! Stay strong and whenever you need a friend, I hope you know you can call Tommy any time.
Tommy's mom

Dori in PA said...

You are in my prayers as well as our church's. I will continue praying for Tyler and your whole family. God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte, North Carolina sends its prayers and well wishes to you.

dyoshino said...

We are so happy that you are back home with your loving family. I hope that you can now get some uninterrupted rest.

It was so nice to be able to see you 2 days in a row at Children's. You look really great! We are so proud of you and your amazing courage.

You are in our thoughts and prayers constanstly.

p.s. Thankfully Emily does not need surgery so we may not have to go back to Children's for awhile.

The Yoshino family

Kylee from down the hall said...

Hey Tyler

Looks like you are home and I'm glad to hear it. Home is 100 million times better than the hospital thats for sure! Just wanted to say that the way you are handling everything is really encouraging to everyone, especially me. I know one day that we will have an appreciation for life that not many people will have the chance to understand. Anyway thanks for being an inspiration, enjoy time at home with your family, and see you next week.

Kylee Bornhorst

P.S. I was reading back through some of the old entries and saw that you didn't have a Spanish tutor. My mom speaks Spanish and said she would tutor you if you needed it, even if it is after this is all over. Also, I was studying to be a Spanish teacher at Miami so I could help too sometime if you want.

Tricia K said...

Tyler-we're praying for you daily and can't imagine all that you are going through. We're just going to keep praying for a miracle and healing. You are blessed by a family and community that loves you more than you know.
Kyle & Kathy-we're praying for you two too. I truly cannot imagine all that is whirling around you. It all sounds exhausting so I pray you are able to sleep as often as possible. The blog is a great way for all of us to keep up with Tyler and pray specifically-thanks Kyle.
Love in Him,
Tricia Koehler & family
PS-I am 100% with Kathy-don't get a dog, or at least wait for a long time!