Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tyler is Home!

Tyler had his first night at home last night. It was great to have the entire family back together. Tyler said he woke up every couple of hours, but it was more comfortable and easier to fall asleep. I guess 4 full weeks of being awakened every couple of hours to be poked and prodded makes it hard to sleep the entire night. But, as our friend and fellow cancer fighter Kylee Bornhorst said, "Home is 100 million times better than the hospital that's for sure! ". Kylee also goes back to Children's to start her 2nd round of chemotherapy next week.

The first thing Tyler did when he got home was to play x-box. His friends Tommy, Tony and Brain quickly showed up to play "Call of Duty".

Today was an easy day. Tony and Brian came to play "Call of Duty" and "Halo" on x-box, and watch some "Office" re-runs. In a couple of days we will begin decorating the Christmas tree, but for now we are just enjoying being all together.
Erik stayed home from school today. He wanted to spend some time with Tyler. Erik has always been closer to Tyler than his other brothers. Kathy is doing most of the work around here. I am on bed rest due to a leg infection. The doctor suspects an infection from the hospital got into a cut in my ankle.

All of us in the Alfriend family want to thank everyone for all the offers to be blood donors for Tyler. We have been truly amazed at the amount of support. Since Tyler's blood counts began to rise, the urgent need has passed. However in two weeks he will be needing several more transfusion. We are setting up the Direct Donor program through the Red Cross for the donors with A Negative or O Negative blood. Kathy will be contacting everyone with the details this week. If you are not A negative or O negative, please remember there are many more in need and the Red Cross can always use blood.

Again, I am at a complete loss of words to express our appreciation for all the support we have received.

Tyler, Brian, Tony, and Tommy playing x-box.


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to send my best wishes from Miami. My mom, who works at Jerome H.S. gave me the address to your blog, and I just wanted to say hello real quck. My thoughts and prayers are with you through these tough times. Best wishes and happy holidays!


Chris Quinn

Grandma Bonnie said...

Home Sweet Home, Tyler. Sending love from California. I will see you on Friday.


Grandma Bonnie

Suzi G said...

I am encouraged that you posted, Kyle -- hope that means you are really feeling better!

Deyerle said...

Dear Tyler,

Glad to see you enjoying some fun with friends and family. I know you are getting stronger everyday. Please tell your Dad I am sorry to hear about his leg. I know all he is thinking about now is you but tell him I said, he needs to take care of himself too.
We love you all!

Mrs. Ruf said...

Would it be alright if I sent Mark over to play Xbox with you since he often reminds me that we don't have it? LOL
The thought of you and Erik hanging out together made me smile. I wish I could give you both a great big hug. I know how much you two would love that. LOL again.

Mrs. Ruf

Hope B said...

Kathy and Kyle,
What wonderful news to have Tyler home! It is so great to see the picture of Tyler and his friends playing games with their big smiles and shaved heads. Good friends are the best gifts! Kyle, thank you so much for the blogs. We feel so privileged to be taken on this difficult and very private journey with all of you. Our family continues to keep you in our prayers as I know many others do. Not a day goes by that someone at Deer Run doesn't ask about all of you. Your are well-loved. We wish you a happy and healthy holiday!
Blessings, Hope Boothe

Anonymous said...

So glad that you got to come home, Tyler, even if it is for just a few days. Still praying and thinking about all of you.

(a Vista-ite)

So glad Tyler is home! said...

Hi Kathy and Kyle. Our family is happy to see Tyler home:-) There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you. Your in our thoughts and prayers !!! Many blessings your way and happy holidays.


The Elsburys

P.S. Take care of yourself Kyle:-)

Grandma Ruthie said...

Hi, Tyler!
We're so glad to see that you are at home and feeling good enough to enjoy your friends. I've been so impressed with all of you and continue to keep you in my prayers.

Kathy, I'm hoping I can see you soon. It's been a while since I visited with you on Kate Brown and I'm saving a very special hug for you and all of your family.

Lots of Love, Grandma Ruthie

lbryan said...

hey tyler!
i was at childrens the other day. i left a note on your door. i hope you got it. if not... it wasn't that great. but your in me and my families prayers. and many others. stay strong, your not in this alone. god bless!!
<3 lizzy bryan

bq said...

Hey this is Brady Quinn. I heard about your condition from a friend of mine. After reading your blog, I want you to know I've become a big fan of yours. I cannot imagine the strength and courage it takes to deal with such adversity at such a young age. It truly shows how remarkable you are and I hope you will continue to remain strong. I wish you all the best this holiday season and will keep you in my prayers. Persevere!
Proverbs 3:5-6

Bruenings said...

Our family wishes you the best, bud - you're a great kid, with an awesome family. I know your mom can't wait for you to get better and start making more noise around the house with your 4 other brothers (that includes your dad, of course).

And glad to hear you're feeding on the best comfort food money can buy - Chipolte burritos!

Get well - The Bruenings

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler,

Glad to hear you're getting some time to be home with your GREAT family. I hope dad told you about the Buckeye Basketball tickets. As soon as you are allowed we'll pick a game and I'll drive you and a guest of your choice to and from the game.


Anonymous said...


Crazy to think how much time changed over exactly 3 years...thank goodness it did! I bet you didn't think on December 11, 2010 you would be taking me on our first date. I'm glad I found a stubborn, courageous, fighter who knows the true meaning of life.

As always, wishing I was there 3 years earlier for you.