Saturday, December 1, 2007

Update - first day home

Another rough day today. But it is still good to be home. Tyler was not up to watch any of the college games today. I hope he is able watch some games tomorrow.

Our wonderful friend Jeff gave Tyler a lap top to help with his home schooling! That was an unbelievable surprise. Tyler did spend a short amount of time on his the computer, playing some games. Other than that, he spent the day experiencing all the standard side - effects of the chemotherapy.

My good friend Mark came by to spend some time with Tyler so Kathy and I could go to Erik's basketball game. Travis was the senior ref for the game. I also was able to make Travis' game. He played a great game. Both Erik and Travis won their games.

Tonight on channel 10 at 11:30, Travis will be on wall to wall sports with Dom Tiberi.

As for Brandon, he is out of commission for a while. We just found out he has a broken rib.

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