Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Visit from Santa

We celebrated Christmas a couple of days of go, with the expectation that Tyler would be back in the hospital for December 25th. Then, Tyler was strong enough to stay home for Christmas, giving us a 2nd Christmas day. We had already exchanged gifts, so we planned on just spending time together.

Last night, after everyone was in bed, I was working late in the den. I still have a real estate business to run (the bills still come in), so I start working on that after everyone is in bed. Then, at exactly midnight, I received an anonymous call about a box in our drive way. I am pretty sure I heard sleigh bells in the back ground (yeah, really!). At first I thought it was a joke, so I did not go outside right away. When I did, I found a large wrapped box in a bag, and brought it inside. Kathy was worried about what it might be and said we should open it before we brought it in the house. I told her I really doubted it was a bomb or something. Brandon heard us and came down stairs. He said it might be a trick by someone trying to break into the house. I guess he was thinking a dwarf burglar was using the gift box as a Trojan horse stratigy to get inside our house. Sometimes our family can be very weird, especially late at night. I told everyone to stop being ridicules and go to bed. I went back to my work and forgot about the gift.

The next morning we all got a slow start. Tyler had a restless night, so I sat with him until about 3 a.m. while I worked. Kathy then got up early and sat with him the rest of the morning. It was about 10 a.m. before we all got moving and got together for breakfast. Over breakfast we talked about the autobiography of Tony Dungy, head coach of the Colts. Through a good friend, he had sent Tyler a copy of his book and an autographed Colts football. We had actually forgotten about the gift box until Brandon asked about it after breakfast. We all sat in the family room and I got the bag. As it turns out it was four gifts, one to each of the boys, all marked from Santa. They were wonderful gifts, well selected for each of the boys and nicer than anything they had relieved two days earlier. It was a wonderful and generous surprise that made their day. All the boys keep asking me who the gifts were from. I only have one answer. Santa.

The big hit of the day was the xbox 360 rock band. They were rockin' all day with that. It was a real Christmas surprise (much better than a bomb or a burglar dwarf).

Thank you Santa.

Tyler was not able to play any of the games, but he will. At this point we are struggling to keep the meds inside him with all the vomiting. This last round he has held down for over an hour, so he may have a calm night.

Opening the xbox band


Denise Northern said...

Wow, that's very unexpected, but so fun to receive such a fantastic gift and surprise from Santa! Glad to hear things are going pretty good! (P.S. I ADORE the colts and Tony!)

Stay strong!

grandma Bonnie said...

Yes, Kyle there really is a Santa Claus. Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD Night. You have wonderful friends.

Love, Mom & Dad