Monday, December 17, 2007

Taking it easy

We took it easy this week-end, as Tyler recuperated from round one. All in all the news has been very positive after the first round. We rested, enjoyed football, made Christmas cookies, and celebrated Travis's 18th birthday! Tyler begins round two for chemo at 7 a.m. Monday.

Getting ready for Travis' 18th birthday dinner.

Tyler and Grandma Bonnie

Decorating the tree

Our four wonderful sons, Tyler, Brandon, Travis, and Erik (with Oreo).
Erik and Michael making cookies. Tommy, Tony, Tyler playing Halo


jd said...


With the roller coaster of emotions that you've been gracious enough to share with us on this post, it's really heartwarming to see Tyler spending some quality time with his family in the comfort of his home.

However, the readers of this blog are anxiously awaiting pics of that new labradoodle puppy!

Alfriends, our thoughts prayers are with you this week (as always!)as Tyler gets back into the trenches of his chemo.


The Domiano's

Suzi G said...

Not all readers are looking for the labradoodle. Some of us love Kathy :). All readers ARE praying for Tyler and all of the Alfriends!

Deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

Our thought and prayers are with you this morning as you start round 2 chemo. We and many others are all pulling for you!!!
Loved the pictures, so glad you had some fun at home with everyone. Did you really get a labradoodle? Do tell. I want to see pictures.

Love Debbie

Anonymous said...

I also just wanted to let you guys know that I was praying for you as Round 2 starts. Glad you guys had some good, quality family/friend time this weekend.

(a Vista-ite)

ps. Kyle, I hope your leg is better.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tyler,Good to see you havingsome fun with friends and family.Grandma Smith is praying that your second round will go some smoother than the first and you will be that much closer to beating this.
We are all so proud of how you have handled everything and know it is tough,but know you can do it.
Hope this week goes well and fast so you can get back to friends nd family again.
Love,Grandma Smith