Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another Day, Another Drug

Tyler seems to have built too much resistance to morphine. It is no longer doing the trick. Now he has been switched to Diluad. There are some concerns about using Diluad too long, but since it is the only thing that is working we will stick with it for now. Initially it knocks Tyler out, but then he wakes up in a great mood, taking up a storm. He becomes very energetic, but he can not walk around because of the Neuropathy (his hands and feet are in a lot of pain, and can not be touched).

There were entertainment benefits to the morphine while it was working. Tyler would carry on conversations, hum, or sing Christmas carols in the middle of the night. He never had any memory of these events. He would text message friends, like when he text messaged in the middle of the night, "Hey Tony, Mr. Schuster needs his french toast extra crispy!". Mr. Schuster is their math teacher. Tyler had no memory of what happened when Tony responded the next morning, "WHAT?".


The morphine also helped bring out the good old Tyler we all love. Once when Andrew can by for a visit, Tyler waited until he and Andrew were the only two in the room. Then Tyler kicked off a monitor on his foot that tracks his blood oxygen. Immediately all the alarms went off, and Tyler began faking a seizure. Andrew was completely freaked out, that is until Tyler started laughing. That's the Tyler we are used to seeing.


Kathy took the night shift tonight on J-5 with Tyler, and I came home. We take turns, each spending 80- 100 hours a week in the hospital. When I got home, Travis is studying for exams and Brandon is back at school, so Erik and I decided to go bowling. I spotted him 50 points, and then he goes and beats me outright, without the points I spotted him. How does that even happen? I think he rigged the pins. We actually had a real good time. We have not spent enough time together. None of us have. I think it is fair to say our family has cancer. Tyler is on the front lines, but it effects us all. We are a family, and when one member is suffering, all of us suffer. All for one and one for all. That is the only way it works. And with it all, life still goes on. There are bills to pay, business to conduct, schedules to meet. There are exams, ball games, college applications, birthday parties, homework, and house keeping. And not one of us can go 30 seconds without a thought and a prayer for Tyler. I was watching the Nationwide Insurance commercial that has David Palmer saying "Life comes at you fast". Sometimes I feel like our life is a Nationwide Insurance commercial on steroids.
I talked to Sheryl today. Her son Brett has relapsed and is fighting his second battle with Burkitt's. He will be receiving a bone marrow transplant in a few days. Brent's brother is providing the bone marrow, so both boys are here. As a single parent of three teenage boys, two here at Children's, I am amazed at her strength in fighting this battle. We are now sharing some information and hope to help each other through this process. The process is difficult. But the end is not in questions. Without a doubt, Tyler and Brett will both end this fight victorious. Burkitt's will die, and will not return. Both Tyler and Brett will go home healthy. Along with Kylee, Nicolas, Rob, Olivia, and the other great friends we have made here. That is a sure thing.


Grandma Bonnie said...

Erik, Way to go! It is always fun to Win especially when you are the youngest. You beat us all in Clue - 2 times! Awesome.

Alfriends don't forget Great Grandmother Alfriend has a birthday January 17th - 99 years young.

Tyler, we are praying you will be home tomorrow with round 3 behind you.

You are FIGHTING TO WIN with grit and guts. Great Job.


Grandma Bonnie

Suzi G said...

Kyle, know that all of the Alfriends are in our prayers every day...and will remain there!!

mrs. ruf said...

Congrats to Erik for beating his old man in bowling! I hope Erik remembered this time to change from his bowling shoes to his street shoes afterward, or at least not wait until he got out of the car at home to make the discovery! Thanks for the good memories, Erik!

Anonymous said...

I hope Tyler warned the nurses about the "seizure" at least! Thank you for keeping us updated. I check it in the morning when I first get to work and in the afternoon shortly before I leave. One more round is done. I'm praying you get to come home today or tomorrow.

Jenn Bash said...

Hello Alfriend family! My name is Jenn Bash and I am the American Cancer Society representative working with the Relay For Life of Dublin. I have heard so many good things about Tyler through the community and students and I just want you to know that I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and we are all cheering for Tyler. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you!

Anonymous said...

Just would like to suggest that perhaps Reiki, a form of energy healing would help with the pain. Do a search for your area. Many massage therapists know how to do Reiki. Tremendous healing work. Very light hands-on, or above the body, without touching. Very effective.