Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Day

Not much has changed. Tyler is still stabilized, and feeling better than when we got here. Blood pressure has slowly improved, with no more drops below 30.

Tyler is feeling good enough to meet with his tutor to get caught up on his school work. Even though he will not be back to classes this year, he is committed to be up to speed with his class before the school year ends. He wants no summer tutors!

Temperature and blood counts remain a problem, but not getting worse.

The source of the infection is still not identified, and the antibiotics have not been effective.

Since Tyler is stabilized, and there is no more talk of ICU, I feel like we will soon see a turn around. Round 4 of chemo starts early next week. It would be great if Tyler could come home a day or two before he is back in for the next round.

Travis stopped by with a surprise for Tyler. It came through the staff of Dublin Jerome High School. Autographed game shoes from Chris Quinn of the Miami Heat!


pamela said...

Dear Alfriend Family,
We have been following Tyler's Fight to Win via your blog spot and thru emails forwarded to us from DJHS, friends & neighbors. Wishing you strength and all of God's blessings during this very difficult time. All of you, especially Tyler, are in our daily prayers. We are happy to help Tyler Fight to Win by supporting Laps for Love, Snowball Softball etc...What an outpouring of love & support you are receiving from the community. May God continue to Bless you all, from your old Brandon neighbors. The Austins
Russ, Pam, Maggie & Kenzie

Susie Quinn said...

Hi Tyler,
I am so happy to hear that you are doing ok. You and your family are in my prayers daily. I keep Chris up to date with your progress and remind him to say some special prayers or you also. I hope the shoes
are ones that will fit you! I am going to buy several
"Fight to Win" bands. The Heat sure could use em!
Many prayers coming your way,
Susie Quinn

DeeJo Miller said...

I just want to leave a note of encouragement from another Burkitt's family. Hannah was diagnosed with stage IV Burkitt's in 2004 when she was 13 years old. She did relapse 8 weeks after the end of treatment but now she's 2 years post transplant and doing great!
Prayers for strength, healing & peace~
DeeJo Miller

Bonnie Alfriend said...

To DeeJo Miller,

Thank you for sharing your encouraging message. What wonderful news about Hannah and her victoreous win over Burkitt's.

We look forward to Tyler returning to his beautiful life cancer free. The world is their stage and both Hannah and Tyler have so much more to give and to enjoy.

We will hold Hannah in our hearts.

Bonnie Alfriend
(Kyle's Mother and Tyler's Grandmother)

Lisa Slonecker said...

Hi Tyler and family,

So glad to hear things are continuing in the right direction. It's so frustrating to not be able to know what is causing the infection. I hope, also, that you can get home for a bit before the next round. That will help boost everyone! Keep focused on the positive outcome that is in the future.

Jana was also excited to read about a female survivor of Burkitt's Lymphoma. So far, we only know patients of Burkitt's who are male. Thanks for providing an avenue of linking others together.

Take care and know that we are still praying and sending positive vibes your way.


anna Bergman said...

Hey Tyler,
Its been a long time but it's Anna Bergman. I just wanted you to know all of us Bailey kids at Coffman are praying for you, we miss you, and hope that you feel a whole lot better soon!
--Anna Bergman

deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

Sounds like you are beginning to feel a little stronger. That's the way to Fight to Win! We're still praying for more white blood cells!


Tammy C said...

The strangest things come up when one does a search on Dublin.We used to live there and moved to Wake Forest,NC 2 years ago.

I will keep Tyler in my prayers.

By the way,It is New England not the Browns to follow in football!!