Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back in Clinic

We have learned that one of the favorite battle strategies of cancer is The Ambush. It loves to show up just as your guard is down.

Tyler was feeling good. His tutor was lined up to start lessons again, and some friends were talking about coming over. Tyler has even gained a couple of pounds. He even asked about going out to eat, to Mongolian BBQ. The doc's approved it as long as we went at an off peak time and got a table away from others.

This morning the doctors approved us skipping clinic, and allowing the home nurse to take vitals and draw blood. That was a huge deal! If you have not done it, there is no way I can explain the cancer clinic experience. For Tyler, every one has been bad, lasting 5-6 hours, with the final result of being admitted to J-5 for several day. The very thought of clinic makes Tyler ill, more so than any other part of this process. Avoiding clinic was a celebration in and of itself.

The celebration lasted about two hours. We received a phone call from Children's, who had just received the labs from today's blood work. "Get Tyler to the clinic ASAP". Platelets are taking a nose dive, and white count is down to 0.2. Tyler is now back in clinic receiving blood and platelets transfusions.

This is the strongest Tyler has been in over two months. He should be able to make it through clinic easier than the past visits. Hopefully the transfusions will do the trick and Tyler will be back home tonight.


Anonymous said...

Man, that sucks. :( I'm praying the transfusions "do the trick" and Tyler gets to come home tonight and stay there for a while. Keep fighting. Fight to Win!


Kylee said...


I really hope that you can go home tonight. I was in clinic for 8 hours yesterday, bored as usual. Anyway just wanted to say that I can relate to getting ill at the thought of going to clinic. I have been getting sick the day before I have to go in to the hospital for anything because I hate it so much and Matt is actually helping me with some strategies to help prevent that. I think you talk to him too so call him up sometime and get some advice. I think it helped me some.

Praying always,