Sunday, January 6, 2008

Calm Day, but Urgent Pray Request for Friend

Tyler had an easy day today. He was still tired from a couple of friends who visited yesterday. The visits really lift his spirits, but he needed a full day of rest today. Last night, with Tyler's good health and my parents visiting, Kathy and I decided to accept our friends invitation to go out to dinner---it was our first time together since before November 14th. As we pulled out of our drive way, Kathy said, "This feels weird to be leaving Tyler". It did feel very strange. But we did have a great time.

Today Tyler has been very tired, but that is to be expected. We have had 3 nurse visits, and everything went very easy. Last night Tyler slept in his own bed for the second time since November 14th. Now we are all just resting up for the big game day. Another nurse comes tomorrow before the game to do more blood work. On Saturday Tyler's platelets were still low for him to handle next weeks chemotherapy, but they were moving up. Hopefully they have continued to move up, so Tyler can enter round 3 rested and strong.

We did receive a very distressing message this evening from a wonderful friend of mine, Daron Bender. In unrelated events, both his father-in-law and 24 year old brother-in-law were taken to the hospital and are on life support in critical condition. The message did not give much information, but I understand they were both heart related issues and completely unexpected. Daron knows how many people read this blog, and asked us to request your prayers. Please keep his brother in law and father in law, as well as Daron his wife Tara, in your prayers.


Stef Tarapchak said...

Have already sent up some prayers for Daron's father and brother in law. I will be praying for them and continued prayers for Tyler as well!!

Anonymous said...

Hi,Alfriends(including Grandma Bonnie and GRAndpa Terry)
First, I am so grateful that Grandma and Grandpa have been able to visit as many times as they have -Iam sure that is a great comfort for Tyler and a huge help to the rest of the family-wish I could step in once in awhile and I will pretty soon!
Tyler,as you know I have not been a big football fan,but that has changed because of all you crazy(just kidding) Alfriend boys.
Anyway ,I hope your team wins and hoPe you have good time watching the game with family and friends.
I am praying that your next round of chemo gets easier every time you do it,but we all know in the end of this journey,yOu will say good bye to this very difficult time and go on living your dreams.