Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coming Home!

Our up and down world is now moving up. Tyler is almost off of J-5!

The blood transfusions did the trick! Counts are high enough to come home. Platelets are still dropping, but are not bad. The pain medication is under control. The neuropathy is still there, but the pain med's are now keeping it manageable.

Tyler is now removed from all the IV's. His prescriptions for home have all been written. The home nurses are all lined up. The clinic visits are scheduled. We are just waiting for one last check of vitals and a sign off from the doctor.

Tyler has never made it home for more than a couple of days. But this series has gone different than the others. Over all it has been easier, and Tyler has rebounded faster with each hit. We may have him home for a while. We are back in the cancer clinic on Thursday to see how things are going. This may be the first time Tyler has been strong enough to walk into the clinic on his own.

He is my hero.


jd said...


Congrats on Tyler's homecoming! For those of us following your blog, your whole family are our heroes!

Our prayers are for a comfortable stay at home for Tyler...

Much love,

The Domiano's

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous message---the entire Alfriend family are all of our heroes!! It is so obvious what a loving, kind, giving, nurturing, strong, brave family you are to one another! It's beautiful to see!

Glad to hear Tyler is going home--I know he will enjoy being home as you will enjoy having him there! God Bless you all!
~Cindy Duco & Family

dina bornhorst said...

Yay!!! I'm so thrilled for you guys! Keep that young man home for awhile :)

We may see you in clinic on Thursday -- we'll be there in the morning --

God bless,
Dina & family

deyerles said...

You go dude!
Enjoy being home.

Love. Debbie

Lisa Slonecker said...

I was so happy to read the update tonight. Tyler has been on my mind so very much. One thing about this nasty battle--when it turns around for the good--it turns around in a hurry.

Made me giggle when I read about Tyler's morphine antics. It reminded me of some of Jana's morphine stories...you have to find things to laugh about every day!! Jana and I used to laugh a lot when we would lay there in the dark in the hospital room--lots of giggles about the silliest things. Keep laughing when you can!


Anonymous said...


we are all so proud of him and how strong he has stayed! You are all our heroes and i hope you enjoy him being home and keep him there for good!

the Gallatins

rob burda said...

hey tyler , i saw you coming home today as i was taking my in-car, was nice to see you out of the hospital. oh and i decided not to answer my phone as i think the instruction would not of been too happy.

Grandma Bonnie said...

Home Sweet Home. Tyler we are so happy for you. Enjoy all the fun things you love and visits with your friends. Hug your brothers.

May this be a longer time for you. You are soooooo deserving. You are on the Fight to Win:

Love you Ty,

Grandma Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I hope and pray you get to stay home for a while this time. And I also agree with the others that all of you are our heroes.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tyler and all the Alfriends,
You are ALL certainly heroes in this long and difficult 2 months--I can not imagine how all of you have stood tall and dealt with each new problem as it showed its ugly head--you are all so brave and I know there have been days that seemed unsurmountable,but you all hung in there and things are starting to sound some better and we all know that Tyler is receiving the best possible care available and that in itself is very reassuring.Hope Tyler enjoyed his dinner out yesterday and that it all agreed with him and hope he can now start to enjoy more things he likes to do and likes to eat.
You are a wonderful family and I am sure all of you will be even closer as a family when Tyler has completely conquered this nasty,nasty disease .
Love to all,Grandma Smith