Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Dublin Hockey Association

Tyler was removed from isolation today!

The first thing Tyler did was run through the hospital, then he ran outside and played a pick game of hockey, then rode his bike down the street to Planks Pizza.

Well, not exactly. Actually he stood up, got dizzy, got sick, and laid back down. But that took a lot. That was quite an achievement. He is now allowed out of the room, and even off of J-5 if he keeps his mask on. He may try to venture around J-5 tomorrow. Tyler will need a wheel chair because the neuropathy caused the skin to peel off the bottom of his feet, leaving them both raw. Folks from the burn unit are looking to see what they can do to help. Also the blood pressure issues are keeping him both dizzy and nauseous. But after a week confinement in that room, anything that gets Tyler out the door is acceptable.

Tyler is asleep now, but when we wakes up we have some great surprises for him.

Check this out - Hockey for Hope:

Kathy took the night shift so Erik, Travis, and I could go to the Dublin Hockey games the past two nights. Words can not describe the event. It is truly amazing all that the teams did for Tyler. They raffled autographed jerseys donated by the Blue Jackets, and an autographed football donated by Jim Tressel. There were "Fight to Win" wrist bands, Toss for Tyler pucks, and more. Erik and Travis both dropped the pucks to start each game.

All three Dublin high school teams played. The last game player was Dublin Jerome, Tyler's high school. They played #1 ranked St. Charles. Before the game the team presented us with a team jersey for Tyler, making him an honorary team member. His jersey number is 08, for the year Tyler defeats cancer. Jerome then went on to defeat St. Charles, making Dublin Jerome the #1 ranked team. Then team member Adam DePerro, Tyler's good friend and neighbor, presented us with the winning puck to deliver to Tyler.


After the game Stan Nagel, Dublin Hockey Association president, was joined by every one of the Dublin varsity and JV team captains and co-captains, to present us with an extremely generous gift for The Tyler Alfriend Fund. We can not say enough about all that Tyler's class mates, and the entire Dublin Hockey Association, has done to lift Tyler's spirits. The Hockey Association, the Jerome basketball team, and many others in this community have been so wonderful as we have all been fighting this battle.

Erik accepting the Jerome team jersey for Tyler

Erik, with the assistance of buddy Michael DePerro, dropping the puck

Erik with Coffman and DeSales team captains before the puck drop


Tammi said...

What a wonderful story! You guys have a great support group and amazing friends but the most amazing, wonderful one is Tyler!

Stef Tarapchak said...

Tyler on the news!! Awesome!! Get the FIGHT TO WIN motto out there, gang!!!

Sorry I have not been around to visit. All three of our kids have been ill and I don't want to be neat Tyler and risk anything.

I have a chemo week this week, but will try to visit towards week's end.


Kyle Alfriend said...

Hey Stef-

I am sorry to hear you are not doing well. Tyler always enjoys your visits. I hope we can connect soon as well.

At the hockey game for Tyler I ran into friends of yours, the Fensters. I worked with Mike for about 8 years, and did a couple of SCUBA trips with him.

Get better.
Refuse to lose.
Fight to win.


deyerles said...

Tyler that is so cool!
You have made such an impact on everyone around you. I am so thankful that God has surrounded you with such warm and caring people to help you with your fight. I hope you never doubt how much you mean to everyone. You are truely inspirational and we are so proud of your spirit!

Fight to Win!

P.S. Erik I think you're ready for Hollywood!

Grandma Bonnie said...


Looking good young man! We loved seeing you on TV. What a star. The game and all the celebration must have been such fun. And all for Tyler. Great kids at Jerome High School.

Keep helping Tyler with his Fight To Win. You are his strength right now. Way to go!