Friday, January 11, 2008

Wrist band, Map, and Update

Megan Zelle gets a "wrist" band for Emma,
the only dog in Dublin smaller the our Oreo
Tyler hit a milestone yesterday. He started school. Lessons are given in between his chemo treatments by hospital tutors. Dublin will begin sending tutors when we get back home. The first class was Algebra. I asked Tyler if all the morphine made Algebra any easier. It got the first smile of the day (but not from the tutor).
Last night was a difficult night for Tyler. A lot of nausea along with head, neck, and back pain. The open sores are coming back, this time starting at the other end. This new round of chemo seems to make the nights very difficult. Tyler then rebounds very well during the day, and feels better than he has on prior rounds.
One of the difficult parts of J-5 (the cancer floor) is the lack of teenagers. Since over 85% of childhood cancers effect children under 10, there just are not that many teenagers around. Rob (age 15) and Brett (age 17) are both in isolation for a while. Kylee is back on J-5 yesterday, but I have not seen her yet. I am sure she and Tyler will connect at some point. I would like to find a way for them all to connect with each other, even those in isolation. Even if it were through x-box live or something along those lines.
Tyler is strong enough during the day to get visitors, but I know it gets harder to get down to Children's with school starting back up. But we should be able to head home by next Tuesday.
NEW FEATURE: We just added a map on the right for Tyler's friends and supporters to mark where they are from. Just click on the red link to the right under MAP, and let us know.


billhune said...

I like the map to see where everybody is that is thinking about you and praying for you.
Tyler, I may not comment a lot, but I visit your site just about everyday to see how you are doing, and I pray for you everyday. I know that you are going to beat this.
"Fight To Win!"

deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

I got my wristbands today! Tell your Dad thanks. I love the map idea too. Thinking about ya and hoping Tuesday gets here soon.

Praying for your fight to win,

dina bornhorst said...

Emma's "Fight To Win" doggie collar is the BEST!!

Keep fighting, Tyler. You have so much support from a great family and lots of friends! We continue to pray for you.

The Bornhorst Family