Wednesday, January 2, 2008

FIGHT TO WIN Tee Shirt Contest

Our friend Stef gave Tyler a shirt with his cancer battle cry, "I REFUSE TO LOSE". We noticed that several of the nurses here wear shirts designed with slogans of cancer patients they have watched over. We have decided to print up shirts in support of Tyler, and thought it would be fun if you helped us. We are asking for your suggestions. If you have some design ideas, just draw them up and email them to us at Tyler, with the help of his brothers and his friends, will select one (or more), and we will have shirts printed up. Any thing goes. Any type of shirt, color, and design. We just ask that you use some form of Tyler's battle cry, "FIGHT TO WIN". The theme color for Lymphoma is lime green, as in the picture of the wrist bands.

Tyler has a lot of supporters out there. We would really love any who is interested to participate in the design of the shirts.


julie strunk said...

I love designing Tshirts! I will send a design tomorrow.

Stay Strong!

mrs. ruf said...

I vote for Julie's!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie! I'm still waiting to see your t-shirt design. Rumor has it that you are quite the designer - - so much so that it has intimidated others into thinking they will not enter the contest!!! We are looking forward to seeing your design. You already have Mrs. Ruf's vote. Go Julie!!!! Love, Kathy