Thursday, January 3, 2008

Great News From Nuclear Medicine

A long day of PET scans in nuclear medicine, but it was worth it. "CONTINUED SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION OF CANCER IN ALL AREAS".

The cancer that grows fast and kills fast also dies fast.
Score after two rounds of chemo: Tyler - 2, cancer - 0

Great News #2 --- Tyler closed the deal! Doctors approved delaying chemo round 3 until Tuesday morning, and letting Tyler stay home Monday night for the Buck's game with family and friends. There was a little trade off, but it was worth it. Tyler will need to stay at Children's an additional day, coming home on Saturday. They are still concerned about his continued weight loss, so they want to keep him on nutritional IV's a couple more days. He will need to keep the nutritional IV's while at home.

Great news #3 -- Doc's approved a home nurse visit Monday to do blood work --therefore no cancer clinic visit on Monday to ruin the game prep time! Go Tyler! Fight to Win!

If the Buckeyes have your strength and courage, their victory is guaranteed!


mrs. ruf said...

WOOO HOOO! That's great news Tyler! A few more wings will help that weight go up...better add some cheesy fries too.
We'll all be thinking about you Monday night as we celebrate TWO victories!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome that Tyler gets to be at home with his family and friends watching the Buckeyes win the National Championship!! What great news to hear about the cancer reducing!! Way to go Tyler!! I hear Chipotle, wings and all kinds of food calling your name : )
Take care and go Bucks!!
Cindy Duco

dina bornhorst said...

What fantastic news!! You guys are chipping away at it piece by piece -- Keep the faith -- Keep the spirit --

We continue to pray for you!
The Bornhorsts

Stef Tarapchak said...

This is incredible news, Tyler. Keep up the fight!!


Grandma Ruthie said...

Fantastic! It's so great to read the good news! And, I'm glad to hear that you'll be able to be at home to enjoy the game on Monday. We'll all be cheering for the Buckeyes and will continue to cheer for you and your recovery. You're doing a great job!
Grandma Ruthie

Anonymous said...

Three great pieces of news! Eat Chipotles and football munchies and enjoy the time at home with family and friends. I thought of you while I watched some of the bowl games this week and I'll be thinking of you guys as I cheer on the Buckeyes Monday night. Keep on fighting.


Suzi G said...

Kyle, I love the way you guys find the positive in each day.

Lisa Slonecker said...

WaaaHooo! So glad to read about your PET scan results. The treatment is working and you are going to BEAT it!

We're so happy for you. Jana is smiling and says, "Go Tyler!".

~The Sloneckers

Ed said...

Hi Tyler,
You don't know us, but we have been good friends of Grandma Bonnie for many, many years. She just sent us your blog site.
Just want you to know that we are prayintg for you here in Las Vegas, NV. You continue to Fight to Win. When you are well, we expect Grandma Bonnie to bring you to visit us here in the Entertainment Capital of the World.
Ed and Roe Wynn