Thursday, January 31, 2008


We moved around a lot yesterday getting some more tests and meeting more doctors. The results of the tests should be back sometime this morning.

As we move around the hospital, we continue to believe that the nurses on J-5 are the very best. They have really made this process better in so many ways.

When we first arrived here in November, I wondered why someone would ever choose oncology. Compared to many other areas, oncology nurses must deal with so much more pain, anger, and frustration from those in their care. There are many more drugs, more cries, more messes, more emotions, and more urgent calls. And much more sorrow. A few weeks ago, in the room next door, nurses giving chemo fought a boy much of the night as he threw things and screamed "It's burning! You are killing me!" A couple of nights ago it was hard to sleep through the noise of the vomiting of the girl next door. It can get depressing here. Given the choice of working anywhere in the hospital, oncology seems to be an odd choice.

But after 10 weeks here I now understand. One nurse said, the more anguishing the cries, the more beautiful the smiles. They have chosen an area where they truly get to know those in their care, including the entire family. An area where the priorities of life come back into focus. They get to follow all the sorrow, and then all the joy. Every time we return, Tyler's favorite nurses stop in and see him to get updates. They ask about his family and friends, and talk about theirs. They are truly interested as their patients move through the peaks and valleys of this path as survivors. I suspect this is true of most nurses in critical and life threatening areas. All I know is that I now understand why they would choose oncology. They have been a blessing during this entire process.


Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Tyler seems a fighter and will have his good days and bad days, eventaully the good days out weighing the bad ones. I'm a big believer that out of everything bad something good happens. Tyler will be a stronger person for all that he is going through. He is lucky to have a wonderful family and friends to help him through this.

jd said...


Sometimes your insight regarding the daily grind and idiosyncrasies on J-5 is mind boggling; it puts all of us right on the floor with you and Tyler.

"But baby I'll wipe away those bitter tears
I'll chase away those restless fears
That turn your blue skies into grey
Why worry, there should be laughter after the pain
There should be sunshine after rain
These things have always been the same"
(Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits)

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