Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On Hold

According to the protocol, chemo was to begin yesterday, but that was delayed because of complications. It is still on hold.

We were with another specialist this morning trying to identify an odd rash that has the doctors confused. The specialist could not identify it either. The best guess now it that it is an over reaction from Tyler's immune system. His immune system has taken an enormous beating from the chemo, while still fighting cancer, bacterias, viruses, and more. His body is just on overload (that's an understatement). The opinion of the doctors is that Tyler's body just needs a break. The plan is to postpone chemo until late next week, giving Tyler time to build his strength back up.

More tests, along with chest and abdomen CAT scans, will be run today to see if there is anything else going on. If all tests come back negative, Tyler will be allowed to come home in a couple of days to help in his recovery.

Tyler has been given a new drug to help with the nausea and to increase his appetite. It is basically a derivative of marijuana. I think I'll go to Spencer's and get some Jimi Hendrix posters and black lights for Tyler's room.

Tyler did have have his first meal since we got here 12 days ago - -Chipotle.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get some rest Tyler and are able to start round 4 next week. Kyle, don't forget a lava lite. ; ) Yeah for Chipotles. That's what you need, big burritos to get your strength back up!!

Fight To Win!!


Mom said...

Thank you to Tommy, Tony, and Scott for getting Tyler to eat for the first time in at least 9 days!!
We have tried and tried to get him to eat something - anything! Thank you guys for going to visit him and for getting him to eat!
Thank you to EVERYONE for all your support, prayers, and EVERYTHING!!!
WE COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT SUCH A WONDERFUL COMMUNITY, FRIENDS, CHURCH, AND FAMILY!!!! And, we are ALL so fortunate to be located near a wonderful Children's Hospital. The Nurses and Doctors are FANTASTIC - and everyone we have met at Children's are so helpful and kind. We are very blessed to be this close to such a great CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL!!! Tyler WILL WIN this battle! Thank you EVERYONE!!!! We love you!!!

jd said...


If Tyler starts craving brownies and Doritos while he's staring at the Jimi Hendrix posters you're getting him, we'll know the new meds are really working!

Fight to Win!

The Domianos

Kylee said...


Glad you got chipotle. I had it last night for the first time in a while and it was great. My mom and I stopped by to say hi today after my appointment in clinic but you were in another clinic at the time. Your room looked nice and clean with a made bed so I bet it was nice to come back to that. Hope you get to go home soon.


Anonymous said...

We'd be happy to supply the lava lamp and munchies if need be : )

Glad to hear Tyler had his Chipotle---he should be in an advertisement for them and get a year's supply of free burritos!!

We will continue to pray for Tyler to get some well deserved rest to help his body and mind heal before the next round. We're still cheering the blood counts on so they get to where they need to help Tyler feel better and better!!


~Cindy Duco & Family

deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

Glad to hear you had a chipotle. It did the trick the last time you ate one so eat a few more. I know you'll start to feel stronger once you get a chance to go home. Maybe you'll get a chance for some Mongolian barbeque.

Fight to Win

Lisa Slonecker said...

Delaying chemo is frustrating, I know. But, the Drs. wouldn't wait unless they felt that he could. Being stronger for the next round sounds like a great idea at this point.

We're praying for the wisdom of the medical staff, peace for all of you, and quick recovery for Tyler so he can continue to forge ahead in his Fight To Win!! And, he will.

When Jana was getting "good drugs", I always thought they should consider the parents as worthy recipients too! :) :) :) After all, we suffer right along with the kids, right!?!? LOL (Hopefully Jana won't read the comments--she would be soooo embarassed by me!)

Take care--know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Lisa Slonecker

Jana said...

Aren't parents embarressing? haha. and yes i read her post :)! she makes me giggle. sorry that your chemo is delayed...but it will be okay. i was delayed on my last round of chemo. it sucks i could tell u that! haha.

i turn 13 on saturday!! i am very excited.

alrighty i will talk to you later,

Grandma Bonnie said...


Home Sweet Home - the best place to get your strength and vitals back. A little time out is good to get you ready to Fight To Win Again!!!

Bless you Tyler,

Grandma Bonnie

Anonymous said...

tyler it is up to you now...whether it is a burrito, BD's, a smimple Big Mac, maybe chinese, ummmmmmmmPizzaria Uno, Japanese Steak House, a filet minon, doritos, snickers, oreos, graeters or ice cream like the crazy little ice cream truck that comes through the hood in the summer, movie theatre popcorn and milk duds, go for it! Take some time, watch The Moment of Truth, keep ESPN on 24/7...what ever it takes...Fight to Win...You can do it! Your old neighbors who are so cheering you on...
Brent,Lori, Alex and Amanda Davis

Anonymous said...

I am sure you were somewhat disappointed in the decision to wait awhile to start the next round,but you know these doctors know their specialty and only make their decisions on what will be the most advantageous for Tyler.
Yes you all are so fortunate to live where you do and to have the wonderful support you have and continue to have. I wish I could join some of Kathy's family this weekend inLaps for Tyler,but it is not possible this time,but hope I will be able to get down to see my dear courageous Tyler and give him some long overdue Hugs and see first hand how all of you are doing.IKnow that you are all well taken care of by all the wonderful friends and family that have been there all along and I thank everyone
for that.
Keep on keeping on,Tyler you and God all the prayers that go out for you everyday will help you win this nasty glich inthe road ahead and we know you will go back to the life you so enjoyed
before it raised it's ugly head
Take care and glad you have started tasting some of the things you like to eat and hope you are able to continue to do that.I am sure your Mom and Dad will get you WHATEVER you want whenever you want it. Love and Hugs,Grandma Smith

Mom said...

And Grandma Smith knows what she is talking about, because she herself is going thru chemo for the second time. So please continue to say lots of prayers for my Mom. Thank you EVERYONE!!!

The Saponaros said...

Tyler...all I know is that when I read this blog I start craving burritos and brownies...keep resting and eating...Chipotle does need to stay in business and I think you're the man for the job..
We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Saponaros