Friday, January 4, 2008

OSU Football Team Visits

Tyler has been working his doctors for a week, trying to convince them to delay chemo one day so he can watch the Buckeye championship game. Never one to give up, Tyler convinced the doctors. It worked!

James Laurinaitis, Marcus Freeman, Tyler, Jamario O'Neal, Cameron Heyward, Shaun Lane



SoonerFan said...

Good for him! And good luck to the Buckeyes on Monday.

Deyerles said...

Way to go Tyler!

I would say today was a great day!

A visit from your favorite team! COOL!

Convincing the docs to hold off chemo til after the big game!AWESOME!

Great news from your scans! FANTASTIC!

Seeing your smiling face! PRICELESS!

Fight To Win My Friend!

Denise and Andrew Northern said...

You got to meet James L? Oh, wow! Lucky! It's so good to see so many people standing up beside you! We are so happy that you are starting to feel better! :)