Friday, January 11, 2008

Sooner Nation

Tyler is hanging in there again tonight. Today was worse than yesterday. We had to cancel his school lessons. Now the chemo has begun again. His fever is spiking again, which is the first sign of things starting to hurt more. The nights still seem to be the worse. But all in all, the ride has been a little easier this go around (although a lot easier to say if you are not Tyler).

Tyler did have a bright spot to the day. I appears Tyler has some Sooner fans. He received a University of Oklahoma football signed by coach Bob Stoops.

We appreciate everyone signing up on the map. It is fun to see where everybody is from.

Take care, and fight to win.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Tyler. We are part of your unseen prayer are going to win your fight and we won't give up until you do.

I have been thinking about you so much. It hurts a parents heart when they cannot protect their children from the realities of life. I know from personal experience what it is like to be that parent...the one who can't make the pain go away, the one who can't give you your old life back.

I also know that you will come out of this painful experience a new and better person. Strong against everything. Knowing personally the joy of God's love.

So many are with you.

Mom said...


Kathy is right. There is a purpose to all things you are encountering. No coincidences. Just watching the miraculous ways God is working not only in Tyler's life but our entire family is nothing short of a miracle. How He is bringing others in to enjoy the blessings of this time is such a joy. As your map indicates God is bigger than Dublin, OH. He wants the world to know that Tyler is in His hands,

'Everything works together for good for those who love the Lord.'

As God completes His miracle in Tyler's life and restores his health so many will be privileged to know He is God; full of Love, Mercy, and the Great Physician. How blessed we are.

May you and Tyler rest well tonight - in the comfort of His Love.

Thinking of you both today as you count down to Tuesday.