Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Still Improving!

Tyler is still doing good. His counts are still improving. He requested wings from BW-3's for dinner (spicy garlic). He was able to get through 4 of them. The PET scan, to measure the progress of the cancer, has been moved up to tomorrow morning. We should have the results back by late in the day. They have been scaling back his morphine and antibiotics to levels that will enable him to come home. If all continues well, Tyler should be released to come home sometime Friday. Tyler has been using his skills of persuasion with the doc's to convince them to delay the next chemo round until after the Buckeye's Championship game. He has worked them pretty good and, subject to the findings on the PET scan and a few other tests, I think Tyler is about to close the deal. Growing up the son of a salesman has it's benefits!

Please keep in your prayers Brett and his family. They just arrived in Columbus this evening. Brett is 17, and here from West Virginia for a bone marrow transplant in his battle with Burkitt's.

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Mary Anne Noland said...

I think some football watching is a great idea. Glad he feels well enough to want to watch the game. It is amazing what having something to look forward to can do for morale. Especially if you win which the 'Hoos' didn't. Hang in there and "Keep fighting!"
Aunt Mary Anne