Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back to Clinic

Tyler is still feeling great. Tony and Brian came over after school with some wings. They hung out and played some x-box. It has been very good for Tyler to get out of the hospital. This has been a good home time.

The hospital called and it turns out the doc's had a couple of concerns about the blood work. Tyler needs another platelet transfusion. Not an emergency, so we will wait until tomorrow morning. This time we will need to go back to the hospital. Children's Close To Home is not able to access the port or perform transfusions. Hopefully we will be in and out without too many problems.

Today I was reading through AJ's space (AJ Piniewski on carepages). AJ's dad wrote that the only thing that is certain is the uncertainty. It is very true.

Thank you all for all the words, prayers, and thoughts.


deyerles said...


So happy you are enjoying some time at home with friends. Hope tomorrow's visit is brief and gets the job done! We continue to pray for upward counts and a easy round 5.

Following your inspiration!

Fight to Win!


donatelife said...

Is normal or even boring great! Enjoy your time at home.

Lisa Slonecker said...

Sounds like things are going in the right direction.

Love the score card--you're awesome! And, you're WINNING!!

Enjoy your time at home and do whatever you want and take advantage of every minute.

Hope the transfusion goes well tomorrow. Take care, The Sloneckers

Grandma Bonnie said...


Fabulous!! Spending an afternoon with Tony and Brian would keep everyone's spirits up. Great guys all three of you.

We are off to the Sea of Galilee and The Golan Heights today. Visited Elijah's Cave yesterday. Read 1 Kings 18, 17-46. A great story.

Cherish your time you deserve this time out from your 'Fight To Win'.

Love you,