Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Big Con

Kathy spent last night at the Hospital. She called this morning to say Tyler was coming home. I was very excited. Then Tyler called to say everything was delayed because his counts had been miscalculated. Then, through a series of calls, everything continued to change. I was about to run to the hospital to see what all the problems were, when Tyler called again and said to wait until later so I could bring him a Big Mac. I asked what in the world was going on, and Tyler said there had been a series of mistakes and miscommunications. He was going to be there a few more days, but he needed me to stay by the home phone until everything was worked out. He said Kathy was meeting with the doctors again. Then he called to say the doc's were setting up more transfusions because counts were spiraling down fast.

This is the sort of thing that really gets my nerves on end. I was bouncing off the walls, not knowing what was going on!

Then, as I was sitting at my desk, hunched over the phone waiting for the next call, I heard a sound and looked up. A smiling and laughing Tyler came walking through the door. All the calls had been from his cell phone from the car while riding home with Kathy! All counts are moving up and he is feeling great. He looks fantastic. He got me --- and got me good. He had pushed all the right buttons. I jumped up and gave him a giant hug. I was so excited. Then I realized all he had done to me, so I killed him (well, not really).

He really does look great! And feels great. When he left the hospital ANC was up to 275. White counts about 2.0, and all other counts are moving up as well. They are so good we do not have to go to clinic for two days! We will be in every couple of days until the counts get high enough for chemo. I would guess about a week. Until then Tyler is home! And he is eating -- so no TPN!

Welcome Home Tyler!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Tyler!! That is the best news I've heard in a long time!! Enjoy your home, family, friends, all the food you want! We are so happy for you and your family! God bless you all! And by the way--Tyler way to go tricking your dad--you obviously got him good : )
~Cindy Duco & Family

Grandma Bonnie said...


Way to go. I love it when you get the ole man!! He has played too many tricks on the rest of us - so you got him back for me too.

So glad you are home and feeling good. Eat healthy, stay strong.

We are off to Haifa, Israel tomorrow. I sent a card to Brett today and will take his name and prayers for him to the Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on Friday.

Love to you and will see you soon after we get back to tell you all about our trip.



jd said...

Hey Kyle:

You have toilet paper on your shoe...

(made ya look!)


Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing! That was great Tyler and Kathy:-) I'm so glad to hear that you're coming home for awhile.
We're so glad to hear that you're feeling better sweetie.
Much love and prayers,

The Elsbury's

Anonymous said...

Oh that is great!! Way to go Tyler and Kathy! It's good to hear you still have a sense of humor! Congrats on getting home again. We'll be praying for your counts to continue to rise so you can start the next round without too much delay.


ps. Eat Chipotles.

The Saponaros said...

Hey Tyler,
Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Welcome home and enjoy. We're doing the Fight to Win dance at home right now (disco version) be glad you can't see it!!!!!!
Love Ya,
The Saponaro Family

Suzi G said...

Hmmm...where did Tyler learn to be a joker?? :) Glad you are HOME!! (and I'll bet Oreo is, too!!)

deyerles said...

Welcome Home Tyler!

I know you must be feeling good if you are up to a stunt like that!
Enjoy your time at home. I know everyone's glad to have you back where you belong. Praying for high counts and a great 5th round.

Fight to Win,

Tammy C said...

He must be feeling good to pull a stunt like that!

Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!!!!

The Sward's

Mrs. Falcone said...

Laughter IS the best medicine !!

Thank you, Tyler for the smile you brought to me (and others) with the excellent prank you pulled on your Dad.

He gets some credit for falling hard and being such a good sport about it to give us the great narrative on the blog today. Your Mom gets all the rest though -- HOW did she safely drive you home during all of your crazy phone calls home ?? The woman has nerves of steel (and a heart of gold)

Continue to do the "impossible"... it is really fun to beat the statistics.

with love & prayers,

Mrs. Falcone

Anonymous said...

Tyler! You are awesome.
You truly are incredible and
ALL teenage boy. I am
smiling because you make me think of the ornery stuff that my son Travis does (and did) as a teenager.
Praying for you still. You are in my prayers several times a day!
By the way our vocabulary this chapter is in your honor! We are reading legends - learning vocabulary about fighting, winning, defeating, conquering, rejoicing... you get the picture :->.
anyway- we decided Fight to Win in Spanish would best translated; Luchar Para Vencer- (Fight to DEFEAT (the cancer). Other words from the list are:
guerrero (warrior) and heroe! En realidad Tyler- tú eres un guerrero valiente, fuerte y muy cómico:
nuestro héroe!
Enjoy you time at home.
sra k

Anonymous said...

We are so happy you are home!! What great news!! Sounds like you really got your Dad!! Enjoy your time at home-We are so glad you are feeling better & can be home for a bit. Take care & Enjoy!!

God bless-
Pete, Lisa, Connor, Nick & Grant Davies

dina b. said...

Way to prank your dad -- that was SO funny!! Your mom didn't mention anything about it when we ran into her at the grocery store yesterday ;);)
But your dad told the story well :)

Anyway -- Home, sweet, home -- ENJOY these days, as always...

Como dijo tu maestra, "Luchar para vencer!"

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tyler.....I think your dad had that one coming to him!!!!!!

Glad your home!
Mrs. Rusin