Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bring it on!

Tyler is doing well. Overall this round has had the fewest problems and side effects. The doctors gave Tyler the option of whether or not to receive one more round of ARA-C, the chemo that appears to cause his worst side effects. It is the drug that placed him in isolation for several days, and almost sent him to ICU. Due to a hospital error, Tyler had received one less treatment or ARA-C than was originally planned. The doctors said this last treatment was probably not necessary, but left the decision up to Tyler. Basically Tyler’s answer was “Go for it.” He knew this additional treatment could be the one that brings on the side effects, but he said he is here to beat this cancer once and for all. Everything else is secondary. Bring it on!

Score Card:
Tyler - 4
Cancer - 0
Fight to Win
Refuse to Lose

Tyler received the final treatment for round 4 last night and is doing well. He is moving around. He has been down to physical therapy and becoming much more active. And he is eating a lot. He has vowed not to go back on TPN (the intravenous nutrition he has been on for weeks). He is making sure the nutritionist and nurses see everything he eats (he gets along great with his nurses – they are the ones able o put the biggest smile on his face). He should be able to come home in a day or two.

The error made by the hospital was that they injected Tyler with the wrong chemo drug for his last treatment. Fortunately it was a less toxic version of one he is already one, so the only real effect was that it extended his chemo treatments one more day. It could have been worse. According to the doctor, multiple checks and balances in the system were missed and an investigation is being conducted. Although there is nothing that Kathy or I done to prevent this error, it still reinforces how critical it is for parents to remain completely involved in the care of their child. Systems fail. Protocols are wrong. Leave nothing to chance.

“The most important thing is to never stop questioning.”
--Albert Einstein

Some updates:

--Continue to keep Brett in your prayers. Things are not yet improving.

--Kylee is doing well, after she got an emergency VIP tour of the new Dublin Methodist Hospital. She blacked out at Children’s Close to Home Urgent Care, but they had no doctors or nurses on duty (that sound’s weird). She was rushed to Dublin Hospital, and is now back home doing good.
--Sinjin is back in the hospital, and is having complications due to a blood infection. They have been unable to identify the source.
--Tristan has beaten his infection enough to begin treatments again. Yesterday they installed a reservoir on the side of his head, going into the ventricle side of the heart.


Anonymous said...

Tyler way to go! You got that eye of the tiger!! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go back to battle to finish the job! I just love your determination and attitude.

Coach Bornhorst

Anonymous said...

Great Job. You are going to win this thing and we will be at the finish line cheering you on. Keep fighting, our prayers are with you and your family.

Take Care,
The Beith Family

Anonymous said...

Our family reads your blog every day. As a matter of fact, some days we are disappointed when it is not updated as quickly as we would like.
We are so proud of you and your family for how you are all handling this yucky cancer thing! Guess what?
You will beat this and be such a better person and family after this.
Please know that there are so many people that you don't even know that pray for you every day.
Hang in there and give your parents extra hugs, because they too are amazing!

deyerles said...

Way to go Tyler!
You are in to win!
We are so proud of your courage!


dina bornhorst said...

I love the score card!! That is very encouraging to see :)