Monday, February 18, 2008

Chris Quinn

Chris Quinn stopped in to see Tyler today. The Miami Heat is Tyler’s favorite NBA team (even through their current struggles). Chris came by with Tony Bornhorst (Kylee’s dad). Tony coached Chris when he played for Coffman. Chris is a great young man, and it was fantastic of him to take the time to stop in and see Tyler. He had sent Tyler a pair of his NBA shoe’s about a month ago. He took one of Tyler’s “Fight To Win” wristbands and said he would try to wear it during their next game. It was a lot of fun to talk to him.

We appreciate your continued prayers. The side effects seem to be dancing around Tyler. They are getting worse, but so far Tyler has kept them from getting as bad as the prior rounds.

The blood counts are continuing to drop. More platelets were given today, but Tyler’s high fever continues to destroy the platelets, Tyler’s feet are showing the early signs of beginning to peel, which in the past has greatly reduced the pain. It does however open up the feet to infection (Tyler’s white counts are at 0.1). Some new drugs are being tried out to help with the nausea. The mouth sores appear to be trying to make a come back. Not much can be done about the mouth sores other than to wait them out.

Brett Workman received some very troubling results from his scans yesterday. It is possible that the BMT caused false positive results. On Monday they will be pulling some bone marrow to confirm what is going on. Please pray that the bone marrow is clear of cancer.


Anonymous said...


We are praying for you....

Anonymous said...

A new day today...another day closer to winning. Tyler, you can do it...we know you can.

Brent and Lori

Stef Tarapchak said...


Don't wait out the mouth sores. There is some stuff called Magic Mouthwash that can be used to help with the mouth sore pain. It is a mouthwash rinse that helps numb the pain. Try it.


deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

Keep fighting Tyler and we'll keep praying!

Fight to Win