Sunday, February 24, 2008

Coming Home Soon

ANC is still at zero, so it is clear Tyler will not be ready for chemo round 5 to start on Wednesday. The focus is getting the pain under control enough to come home for a while for some R&R to get the counts back up. The IV morphine seems to do the trick, but the oral version does not. Tyler needs to get on the oral meds to come home. Today was an up and down day trying to come off the IV.

Tyler's spirits are very good. Today was a day of watching sports and ESPN, and then a bit of Adam Sandler in "Waterboy" (Now that's what I call high quality H2O).

There is a possibility he could make it home tomorrow. There is no telling how long it will take to get the ANC back up. My guess is at least a week. We are torn between our excitement to have Tyler home and our desire to keep on the attack with the cancer.

My parents just arrived in Israel. They will be taking one of Tyler's FIGHT TO WIN shirts and laying it at the wailing wall.

Please keep the entire J-5 gang in your prayers -- those who are there and those who have left.


Anonymous said...

Kyle, you've mentioned Miles Levin a couple of times. His Carepages blog is scheduled to shut down at the end of Feb., so if you're interested, you might want to print it out or whatever before it's too late.

Tyler - Glad to see that the news is good. Keep it up, and stay strong.

Grandma Bonnie said...


Great news!!! Congratulations. We hope you will be able to take a break at home for awhile.

Walked along the Mediterranean Sea tonight and found a hamburger place - sometimes that is the best food ever when out of the country. Fortunately, most everyone speaks at least a little English here so we are not having trouble communicating.

We met a college student in the hotel last night who had on a Virginia Tech shirt. He is a sophmore at Tech in Business. Small world.



Cathy Sankey said...

Wow!! That is terrific! We are so happy that the WINNING is following the FIGHTING and we are so proud of you for all of the fighting you have done!

Please know that every day here at Dublin Jerome someone asks how they can continue to help you fight to win-- we are fighting with you! We know you will be back with us here at Jerome next year and can't wait! We are waiting with hope and faith!

"The hopeful man sees success where others see failure, sunshine where others see shadows and storm."