Monday, February 18, 2008

Doing Better

This is Tyler...

After only one day at home I had to come back to J5 because my feet were hurting so badly. I also started to get pains in my mouth and a sore throat. I enjoyed watching the whole NBA All Star Weekend the past three days. My favorite part was seeing my favorite player Dwight Howard dominate the Slam Dunk Contest. Howard is on the Orlando Magic my favorite team. Then yesterday I got a visit from Miami Heat guard Chris Quinn. Quinn is from Dublin and a friend of the Bornhorsts. This visit has been painful but still entertaining. Today my foot pain is pretty much non-existent, and my throat feels a lot better. Physical Therapy comes today so I will get to go back to the gym and workout some more. My favorite thing down there is the step machine. Taped to the machine is a card that says how many steps different buildings are. The highest building is the Sears Tower, I forget how many steps it is but it is well into the thousands. My last time on it I only did 250, but the foot pain is gone so I hope to do more today. My goal is to get to the Sears tower. So all together I'm feeling good. Thanks again for all your support and prayers.


Anonymous said...


If the Sears Tower is your goal then we KNOW you will do it!!!

Praying for you always.

Lisa Slonecker said...

Hi Tyler,

Glad to read your update. When you have pain, you gotta be where you can get some help! The hospital is no fun, but pain in intolerable so I'm glad you are able to get some relief.

Almost done with another round! YEAH! Keep counting down and taking it "one step at a time". Sending positive thoughts your way.

The Sloneckers

AJ's Dad said...

So glad to hear you are feeling Tyler, when you get to the top of the Sears tower, do you have to STEP all the way back down?!?!?!?!?

lol = keep going kiddo

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration to all! I am sure you will make it to the top.

Anonymous said...

Glad your doing better Tyler and got to update yourself. I was also wondering if you have to "step back down" the Sears Tower. : ) Keep fighting. We are still praying.