Monday, February 4, 2008

Great Game! Go Giants!

They did it!

This is the most I have seen Tyler yell and smile in 2 months. It was a great sight. An end to a great week-end.

This morning all the blood test came in very good. Tyler’s ANC was below 100 last week when they postponed chemo (it needs to be over 500). He had crossed the 200 mark when we came home. He is now over 2,000! The additional tests that were scheduled Wednesday have been canceled, and chemo has been moved up to begin Wednesday evening. We need to be on J-5 by 4:00 to be admitted. I know it is weird to be excited about chemo, but it is progress and one step closer to remission.

Travis just came home from school and told me Tyler was just nominated to the Court for the Sweethearts dance! Very cool. I was also told at the Snowball Softball game that many of the students are forgoing corsages and donating the money to Tyler. They said flowers die, and they want their money going to something that celebrates life. How cool is that! What a fantastic group of kids. We are so blessed to live in this community.

Updates from J-5

Kylee will be heading back to J-5 at the same time we are. Keep praying for her AFP numbers. These numbers will decide how many more chemo treatments she will receive.

I believe Brett is doing okay. A lot of ups and downs. Please keep him in your prayers. Also pray for his mom Sheryl. She lost her job back home in West Virginia because of the days she has missed while here at Children’s with her son. Can you believe that? A single parent of three teenagers, one in a life and death battle with his relapse of Burkitt’s Lymphoma. After 17 years on the job they let her go the day her Family Leave Act ran out. This is the second time she has lost a job. The first time was 17 years ago when she missed work when Brett and his twin brother were born premature. Keep the family in your prayers.

Although I have never meet Sarah, I wrote about her when I watched kids from her school hang a giant “Happy Birthday” banner from the roof of the parking garage. She had just turned 17. Sarah was moved to ICU yesterday.

Please keep the Kemp family in your prayers. They will be having Duck’s (Rob Kemp) memorial service this evening in Rayland, OH. Duck spent 8 of his 15 years battling cancer. Duck passed away Friday morning. His courageous fight took too much of a toll on his body. Duck left this body to receive a new one in heaven. He left behind the cancer cells, to let them die the slow ugly death they deserve.


mrs. ruf said...

I believe that makes 2 members of royalty in the Alfriend family; Travis on Homecoming Court and now Tyler on Sweetheart's Court! The Alfriend dynasty is established at Jerome H.S!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Giants!!! My son and I were rooting for them too!!! It was a great game!!! Enjoy the rest of your time at home. Still praying for you guys and all of your J5 friends.


jd said...


Good luck this week with your chemo! We're pulling for you!

JD & Family

PS: Kyle, do you actually think we believed you that you were really going to run on Saturday night? I know you run only when someone is after you!

deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

Congratulations for being nominated to the court of sweethearts! I know it makes you feel good to have so many friends supporting you.
Good luck tomorrow with round 4.
I know you'll do great!
We had a superbowl party too. The game was awesome especially the 4 quarter.

Fight to Win,